What did James Parrillo Jr. do? Suspect charged over holding woman hostage for over a year

On February 7, 2023, James Parrillo Jr. was captured in Burlington Region, New Jersey, for keeping a lady prisoner for almost a year.

Specialists said that Parrillo Jr., 57, met the casualty in February 2022 and held her despite her desire to the contrary while he traversed the country. After almost an extended period of being kept locked down, the lady got away from the home they partook in New Jersey, where they moved in December 2022.

The lady supposedly rushed to the closest corner store and looked for help from an orderly subsequent to locking the entryway, saying she had been grabbed for roughly a year.

James Parrillo Jr. was accused of first-degree capturing for holding a lady despite her desire to the contrary for almost a year
James Parrillo Jr. has been accused of first-degree capturing, second-degree strangulation, exasperated attack, and third-degree criminal limitation for keeping a lady prisoner for almost a year.

The lady at long last figured out how to get away from the home they partook in New Jersey to a service station, where she called the specialists.

The lady supposedly told the police she was at first involved with the suspect, whom she initially met at a service station in New Mexico in February 2022. At that point, the lady consented to give the suspect a ride to Arizona. She started a consenting relationship with the man that endured a month prior to she was purportedly genuinely attacked while they were in California.

The lady then attempted to leave the suspect, so, all in all he turned savage and kept her prisoner until the two showed up in New Jersey in December 2022. The two were remaining in a leased space for a very long time in the Bass Waterway.

The lady in the long run figured out how to escape her abductor at a corner store following a contention with Parrillo, who supposedly beat and stifled her during the showdown.

Specialists said that the suspect was gotten on a service station reconnaissance camera following the lady, who had run inside the store and blasted the entryways after her. Following an ineffective endeavor to tear open the entryways, the suspect was caught leaving the premises.

James Parrillo Jr. was captured not long after and was accused of third-degree preventing worry, fourth-degree check, and declining to give a DNA test notwithstanding the seizing charges.

Principal legal officer Matthew J. Platkin said in a proclamation that he was contacting policing the country for any data on the suspect in care after data from one more claimed casualty via web-based entertainment uncovered that he could have taken part in comparative direct with different ladies.

“This is a profoundly upsetting case where the respondent supposedly held a lady despite her desire to the contrary for almost a year, while going with her all through the nation, prior to winding up here in New Jersey where she had the option to get away.”

“We are contacting policing wards to recognize others who might have extra data on the litigant.” James Parrillo Jr. is being kept at the Burlington Area Prison while anticipating preliminary.