Watch: Hamilton High School Assault Video Reddit – Was Anyone Arrested?

Watch Hamilton High School Assault video has raised the eyebrows of the netizens. Reddit released the assault video on the internet. Continue reading this article.

Hamilton High School is one of the most reputed institutions based in LA. Recently, the school’s name has become the headlines in today’s magazines due to the inappropriate behavior of the student.

As per the Daily News, the shocking allegation has been made to the schoolboys at Hamilton School that they recorded the female video inside the bathroom and uploaded it on social media.

Reportedly, Los Angeles Police cops are investigating the sexual assault case of a female student at Hamiton High School.

At this point, the situation is under investigation, and no one has been taken into custody.

See the charges and further details in this artifact.

Watch Hamilton High School Assault Video On Reddit

Hamilton School’s assault video has been the talk of the town. Many parents are thinking about transferring their kids to other schools. Alleged assault video is available on Reddit and Twitter.

While interviewing the school students in Hamilton, they confirmed that there is evidence of an assault video on IG and Twitter, but they have no idea of the securities.

Hamilton School’s principal, Jennifer Baxter, has notified parents about the alleged assault via voicemail that explains counseling services have been made available to the students.

The school team members are cooperating with the police throughout the investigation process.

Not only, this time, but many victims have been harassed in the Hamilton High school, according to ABC 15. Four victims have broken their silence about the school claimed that they are being harassed, intimidated, and coerced.

Was Anyone Arrested At Hamilton School Assault Video?

No, the police haven’t caught anyone at the moment. The investigation is still ongoing at Hamilton High School.

The school should take some strict action and protocols for girls’ protection inside the school. Soon the anonymous guy who uploaded the video on social media will be handcuffed. Stay with us so that you won’t miss any latest updated news and charges against the suspect.

So far, police have kept the female who has been the victim’s identity confidential and other details private. As noted by the source, the incident happened last week.

Another devastating news is that a 14-year-old fatally stabbed in front of his mother outside his Hamilton high school on Reddit.