Was Engelbert Humperdinck’s Wife An Actress? What Song Did Engelbert Sing For His Wife?

Engelbert Humperdinck’s wife, Patricia Healey, was not primarily known as an actress. Patricia Healey was a lifelong Catholic and the couple got married in 1964. They first met at the Palais de Danse, a nightclub in Leicester.

Patricia Healey and Engelbert Humperdinck had four children together. While Patricia Healey may not have been known for her work in the entertainment industry, she played a significant role in Humperdinck’s life and family. Patricia Healey passed away on February 5, 2021, after suffering from Alzheimer’s disease for ten years and contracting COVID-19.

What Song Did Engelbert Sing For His Wife?

Engelbert Humperdinck sang the song “You” for his wife, Patricia Healey. The song “You” was premiered by Humperdinck in May 2019. It was written for him by British songwriters Jon Allen and Jake Fields. The singer dedicated the song to his wife as a birthday gift to her. The music video for “You” was filmed at the Houdini Estate and featured Engelbert Humperdinck.