Was Ashley Chairs Arrested? Charges Jail and Family

Ashley Chiars was arrested for stealing credit card detail and a bond of $40,500 was set as bond. Know about her charges and Family.

With the necessity of credit card protection with the detail being stolen, these days almost all credit cards come with security features.

Like a signature panel, expiration date, magnetic stripe, and unique account number. Every debit and credit card has a card verification value or CVV number.

Was Ashley Chairs Arrested?

In 2017, Asley Chairs, 31 that year was accused of stealing debit card information from a customer. She was working the drive-through at a Kenner McDonald’s.

Authorities arrested Chairs for using a customer’s stolen debit card information to make purchases. Chairs of 728 Filmore St., Kenner, not only got arrested,

but was booked with identity theft and three counts of illegally transferring monetary funds, Lt. Brian McGregor, a spokesman for Kenner Police Department said.

Over time and again the credit card insecurity and stealing cases are out frequently. You have to be very careful with your credit card details even while self-using.

On January 18, 2016, also, two employees of Mcdonald’s on Sagamore Parkway were arrested for stealing a customer’s credit card info for their own personal use.

Moreover, it seems like instead of celebrating their arrest you now be more careful about sharing credit card detail or handing it to anyone for even payment process.

Know about the Charges to Ashley Chairs

Ashley Chairs was alleged that she took a picture of a customer’s debit card on January 21st while she was working the restaurant’s drive-through window.

The victim started noticing that there had been purchases from Victoria’s Secret, in addition to charges totaling $800 from Kids Foot Locker and Da Hair Connect.

CVV number is vital for completing online transactions. This too is clearly printed on every card. And you should not share it with anyone.

It is a secret number and a vital security feature. That’s why there are so many educational articles or videos are shared for awareness.

Is Ashley Chairs in the Jail?

Ashley Chairs was arrested for her invalid purchases using a stolen credit card. Chairs walked out of the Police’s view with the debit card.

They got the footage from McDonald’s surveillance cameras that captured Chairs using a cellphone camera application as she held the debit card.

She had a bond set for more than forty thousand dollars but she was released sadly due to crowding at the jail, which is unfortunate.