Vegas Joseline Hernandez Song Lyrics, I Wanna Ride I Wanna Ride Tiktok Meaning

The lyrics of a song named Vegas Joseline Hernandez are viral on Tiktok. You can find the meaning of the track below. 

Tiktok is one of the entertainment platforms where different challenges and videos get viral. In recent days, the song Vegas by Joseline Hernandez has been getting the audience’s attention.

Everything to know about the line I wanna ride, I wanna ride is here.

Find Vegas Joseline Hernandez Song Lyrics

Joseline Hernandez’s song Vegas is going viral on the Tiktok. The track has been remade by the user named Zaniya in the site. Until now, there have been over 98.2k videos made using the tune.

The song Vegas is the theme song on Jasoline’s Cabaret, produced by the Ballistic Beats, GS Entertainment Inc. It was premiered on her Youtube channel on January 17, 2022.

She has already gained over 724k views on the platform, where she has just over 40k subscribers. In addition, the music video has been liked by the 22k of the listeners till now and has over 2k comments.

The lyrics of the song are available on Youtube. However, the track on TikTok does not follow all the original lyrics. The track only uses some music modification, and the lyrics I wanna Ride, I wanna ride repeat eight times.

I Wanna Ride I Wanna Ride Vegas Joseline Hernandez Meaning In Tiktok

The song I wanna Ride I wanna Ride that is viral on Tiktok is initially named Vegas by Joseline Hernandez. However, the soundtrack that is getting attention on the platform is the remix of the song Vegas.

There is not much about the song’s meaning because every content creator has their song’s description. However, most of the content shows that the track follows someone’s POV- point of view on something.

For instance, one user played the track while her POV is when her boyfriend calls her princess. Likewise, another user used the track with a POV when he had curly hair. There are other similar ways people have used the track to create their own content.

Details About Joseleine Hernandez’s Song Vegas

Joseleine Hernandez is the singer of the song named Vegas. The official video is available on Youtube and has garnered 724,738 views. The song first surfaced on the internet in January 2022.

Joseleine is widely known as “The Puerto Rican Princess.” She is an Afro-Puerto Rican reality television star, rapper, and actress. According to her Wikipedia, she rose to fame after appearing in the VH1 reality show Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. In the show, she co-starred in the spin-off Stevie J & Joseline: Go Hollywood with her lover Stevie J.