Vatican: Who Is Gabriele Martinelli? Priest Pardoned Sexual Abuse Allegations

The Vatican Preist Gabriele Martinelli denied molesting any fellow when he was young. Find the detailed case here.

Gabriele is a Senior seminarian and a former altar boy at the St. Pius X seminary located in a palazzo inside the Vatican Gardens. Furthermore, he was accused of sexually assaulting junior Seminarians from 2007 to 2012.

However, in a recent hearing, Gabriele has got pardoned from his accused case. Previously he had denied molesting anyone and claimed that he got framed by his enemies.

Vatican: Who Is Gabriele Martinelli? Priest Pardoned Sexual Abuse Allegations

Gabriele Martinelli, the priest from the Vatican, is free from his alleged charges.

He previously served as an altar boy at St. Pius X seminary, which houses boys aged 12 to 18. Furthermore, he is accused of sexually abusing his power as a senior Seminarian to a junior boy ( assumed seven months younger than him) in performing carnal acts.

The prosecutor claimed that Gabriele was active in such ill acts against the innocent soul’s consent from 2007 to 2012. He also demanded a six-year sentence for the priest if convicted.

In addition, the scandal became public in 2017 when a group of brave altar boys disclosed it. They also added that Gabriele is protected from superiors.

In the Wednesday hearing, Gabriele denied assaulting anyone. He was in confidence that the people who framed him are the ones who still prefer the old Latin rite liturgy over the Mass in vernacular.

Gabriele Martinelli Age Revealed: How Old Is He?

The priest Gabriele Martinelli is 28 years old as of 2021. His full date of birth is still unknown.

Furthermore, he was still a teenager when he supposedly assaulted his juniors in performing sexual acts inside the Vatican.

Does Gabriele Martinelli Have A Wikipedia?

There isn’t a dedicated Wikipedia profile of Gabriele Marinelli as of now.

He has managed to make many headlines in a short period, with which his popularity has also grown remarkably. He wasn’t the only priest whose name was brought during the hearing. Alongside Gabriele, the other three priests also came to the stand to testify during the trial.

The former rector of St. Pius X Seminar, Enrico Radice, was charged with having helped Gabriele avoid investigations. In the last hearing, he started saying that he was unaware of the abuse at the seminary. He also added saying that he failed to hear any noise during his rounds at night.