Urooj Rahman

Urooj Rahman is a lawyer by profession. Recently, she came in limelight because of the attack of the Motolov cocktail on NYPD.

Name Urooj Rahman
Birthday 1989
Age 31 Years Old
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Lawyer

Urooj along with Colinford Mattis was seen attacking an a police cruiser. This incident took place on May 30, 2020, near Precinct station house at Fort Greene. Colinford Mattis is a corporate lawyer and also a member of the Community Board 5 in East New York. 

Both the lawyers have been arrested and are charged in the Molotov cocktail attack. 

10 Facts About Urooj Rahman

  1. Urooj Rahman’s birthday is not available. Born in 1989, she is 31 years of age in 2020.
  2. Urooj appears to have a tall height but her actual height details are unavailable. Nor is her weight known. She may have a maintained weight.
  3. Rahman does not have a great income or net worth. However, according to her neighbor, she is struggling financially and has recently lost her job.
  4. We have no information about her relationship status. Maybe she is dating or may be married. But the actual fact is still unknown. 
  5. There is also no info about the attorney’s parents. Nor do we know about her family background. She has kept her background quite a secret. 
  6. Urooj completed her graduation from Fordham University. Further details about her academics are still not known.
  7. Rahman comes from Brooklyn and has an American nationality. 
  8. Urooj was arrested on 31st of May 2020 after she was seen attacking NYPD vehicle on May 30. This incident was captured in the surveillance camera at 1 A.M on May 30. Along with her Colinford was also arrested. 
  9. Rahman was found tossing a bottle containing gasoline towards a cruiser. After they were arrested another bottle was found in the backseat of their car.
  10. She is not seen on any social networking site.