UCLA Football Running Back Zach Charbonnet Sister Bella Hall Is 16 And Has Special Needs

Zach Charbonnet has two sisters, Bella and Athena Hall. If Zach is the star on the pitch, then his two sisters are the stars at home.

Many players have contrasting personalities while on the pitch and while they are off of it. Zach is one of them. If he is known as Terminator by his teammates, then he is known as a gentle soul by his family.

The running back switched to UCLA from Michigan in 2021, so he could be close to his family. But most importantly, to remain close to his sister Bella. 

The love Zach has for his sister is certainly reciprocated by his sister, Bella. The 16-year-old is the biggest supporter of Zach but also states that she is more famous than him.

Zach Charbonnet Younger Sister Bella Hall

 Zach Charbonnet is not related to his younger sister, Bella Hall, by blood. But this has not faltered the connection between the two. 

Zach chose UCLA to live close to his family, especially his younger sister, Bella. Bella is a 16-year-old kid with special needs. 

Zach considers Bella to be his biggest inspiration. In an interview with the Athletic, Zach stated that he was just amazed by the energy his sister possessed. Bella is one of five kids that Zach’s mother, Seda, shares with Ben, the man Zach calls pops.

The Hall family and Zach have never treated Bella differently. They don’t want Bella to evoke a feeling of being treated differently by her family. The younger sister of Zach suffered from the genetic disease Willaims syndrome.

The genetic disease is characterized by the slow development of cognitive learning and over-friendliness combined with anxiety. The Hall family relocated in 2020 to accommodate their daughter Bella to a school that had programs for students with special needs.

And with the support Zach shows toward his sister, it is only right for Bella to cheer him on while he is in action with the Bruins. Previously she was given a tour of UCLA right after Zach decided to switch from Michigan.

Last year, Zach was able to celebrate the 16th birthday of his sister as he was close to home. But in the coming year, she might be even closer as Bella might join UCLA’s special program.

UCLA Zach Charbonnet Has Two Sisters Bella Hall And Athena Hall

Zach Charbonnet has two sisters, Bella and Athena Hall. Athena Hall is nine years old and Bella is sixteen.

Bella Hall has Willaims syndrome. She is known as one of the main reasons for her brother shifting from the University of Michigan to UCLA, who will soon turn 17 this year. Hall is a freshman at Westlake High, and we might soon see her at UCLA tagging along with her older brother.

Known for his gentle persona, Zach is the best brother the two girls could have asked for.

In an interview with LA Times, the bond between the siblings is reflected as Bella talks very highly of her brother. From wanting to tell the whole world how much she loves her brother to wanting to stay with him forever, the love Bella has for Zach is unprecedented.

Athena Hall is the youngest of the Hall family. It’s not only Bella to whom Zach dotes. He gives equal attention to Athena as well. 

While at home, Athena wears the jersey with her brother’s name on the back. Young Athea is also interested in horse riding and does it on weekends when Zach comes from college. The two sisters can be seen during the UCLA games as their brother Zach nicknamed “Terminator” takes on the pitch.