Tyla’s Emotional Journey: “I Cried Every Day Before My Parents Let Me Do Music”

Tyla Laura Seethal, the South African sensation known simply as Tyla, recently opened up about the challenging journey she faced in convincing her parents to support her musical aspirations. The ‘Water’ singer shared that her parents were initially opposed to her decision to pursue a career in music, as they did not view it as a legitimate profession.

In a candid interview with Power 106 FM in Los Angeles, U.S.A, Tyla revealed the emotional struggle she underwent to gain her parents’ approval. She explained that her parents were not strict in a general sense but held reservations about her choosing music over what they perceived as a more traditional job.

“My parents weren’t really strict on what I’m doing, but they were strict in terms of me going to the studio than getting a job. They were like, ‘Music is not a job. That it’s a hobby.’ So, I had to literally cry every day and tell them that I wanna do this. There’s nothing else I wanna do,” Tyla shared.

Convincing her parents proved to be a difficult task, and Tyla acknowledged that their concerns were rooted in a desire to protect her. She recognized that pursuing a music career, especially for women, can be unpredictable and challenging in South Africa. Despite the hurdles, Tyla was determined to convey her passion for music and demonstrate her unwavering commitment to the craft.

“It was difficult convincing them. It’s also because, in South Africa, it doesn’t happen to us. I’ve heard so many women who wanted to do music and didn’t end up the way they wanted to. So, my parents were just trying to protect me, which is fine, but I showed them that I want to do music by all means,” Tyla expressed.

Tyla’s story reflects the resilience and determination required to pursue one’s dreams, even in the face of familial apprehension. Her success in breaking through those barriers serves as an inspiration for aspiring artists navigating similar challenges on their path to fulfilling their musical aspirations.