Turtleme Face Reveal: Mysterious Creator Of TBATE Keeps Face Secret As Rumors Spread

Turtleme, an author and the creator of TBATE, revealed his face at AnimeNYC.

The conference was held from November 18 to 20 in New York City, which is the best of Japanese pop culture. For three days, Anime NYC brings together anime fans for special exhibits, screenings, and appearances by some of Japan’s top creators.

He declared on Instagram that he would be attending the event as an author, and one user revealed his picture from the conference on Reddit. People adore the way he looks like an old young guy.

Has Turtleme Done A Face Reveal?

Turtleme, the creator of TBATE, revealed his face at the AnimeNYC on November 18, 2022.

A day before his conference, he posted a message on Instagram inviting his followers to meet him there. Finally, the big day has arrived.

He wrote how grateful he feels to be attending the event alongside Tapas and Yen Press. He will participate in the panel discussion and hold several signing sessions in addition to speaking about the TBATE and the industry.

TurtleMe appreciates the opportunity to meet all of his fans in person. He hasn’t updated any images of that day. Perhaps he has big plans to reveal his identity to his online followers.

But one of his fans posted a picture of him from the conference on Reddit, and his followers are going crazy over him.

One user wrote that he has a simple Korean appearance. Another person wrote, “an ordinary looking guy but a sadistic author.” While some have commented on his age, claiming that he appears to be in his 40 when he is in his late 20s.

What Does Turtleme Look Like?

Turtleme is a Korean American man born in Korea and now lives in the United States.

The author seems like an actor from a Korean film who girls adored. He has dark thick hair that almost completely covers his face on both sides, small eyes, and long stature.

He does, however, appear much older than his actual age. He is only 29 years old but appears to be an adult in his forties. His real name is Brandon Lee is the author of the novel The Beginning After the End and the webcomic The Beginning After the End.

Brandon spent his formative years reading fantasy books for hours in the remotest and darkest areas of his neighborhood, Barnes & Noble.

He found comfort in the books as he struggled with the pressures of high school, college, and his job. He majored in psychology and plans to work in human resources or finance.

Brandon has moved past his status as a Berkeley graduate, given up his identity as a corporate employee, and entered the fantasy realm while hiding behind the mask of TurtleMe. He has now become a renowned web serial author for more than three years, combining a mix of traditional literature with quick-paced installments.

He currently has self-published books available on Tapas and Amazon Kindle.