Trisha Stratford: Former Married at First Sight relationship expert dies at 72

Dr. Trisha Stratford, a beloved former relationship expert known for her role on the reality program “Married At First Sight” (MAFS), has left the world in mourning as news of her passing at the age of 72 emerges.

The announcement of her passing was made by John Aiken, another esteemed relationship expert who had the privilege of working alongside Stratford on MAFS. Aiken shared the heartbreaking news through social media on Monday, September 18, 2023, expressing his deep sorrow and reflecting on their shared experiences.

“I’m heartbroken and devastated that my friend and dear colleague Trisha has passed away,” Aiken wrote in an Instagram post. “We shared an amazing seven seasons of @MAFS together. She loved everything New Zealand, relationships, the All Blacks, the Black Caps, French wine, and traveling the world. I’ll miss you Tish. Thank you for all the memories.”

Trisha Stratford’s life was characterized by her unwavering commitment to the world of relationships and love. Born into a world that would ultimately benefit from her expertise, she dedicated her career to understanding and nurturing human connections.

With a Ph.D. in psychology, specializing in relationships, Stratford’s academic prowess was the foundation for her remarkable career. Her role as a relationship expert on MAFS elevated her to international acclaim, where she became a trusted and beloved figure in the realm of love and partnership.

Beyond her television appearances, Trisha Stratford was an accomplished author, speaker, and counselor. Her books and seminars reached a wide audience, further establishing her as a guiding light for those seeking love and connection.

While the world remembers Trisha Stratford for her professional accomplishments, her personal life was a subject she kept private. As of our last knowledge update in September 2021, specific details about her family, including her parents, husband, children, and siblings, remained undisclosed in the public domain.

As we collectively grieve the loss of this remarkable woman, let us celebrate her legacy—a legacy that extends beyond her contributions to the field of relationships. Dr. Trisha Stratford’s memory will live on through the countless individuals and couples she touched with her wisdom and insights into love and connection.