Who is Trinidad Cardona?

Trinidad Cardona was born on 23 May 1999, in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, and is a singer, best known for the hit song “Jennifer” which was initially a viral post on Facebook that effectively launched his singing career. He is an artist signed to Island Records, and has also produced other singles, such as “Dinero” and “Ready”.

The Riches of Trinidad Cardona

As of early-2020, Trinidad Cardona’s net worth is estimated to be over $450,000, earned through success in the music industry. His contract as a singer has brought him wealth, and he’s also gained income from the popularity of his music on YouTube. Time will tell if he continues to release more hits to build his wealth further.

Early Life and Music Beginnings

Trinidad is of African-American, Mexican, and Puerto Rican descent. He never knew his father that well, as he was sent to prison when he was young, leading him to be raised primarily by his mother. His mother later got into a relationship with awoman, and they married, leading him to have two mothers who raised him. This didn’t fare so well for him initially, as he was bullied because of his lesbian parents. He also attracted a lot of racial prejudice stemming from the fact that he was both black and Latino, two minorities that have experienced racism in the US.

Despite that, he didn’t let the criticisms bring him down, but channeled his efforts to something else as an outlet for all of the negativity around him. He discovered music when he was around 16 years old, and his multi-cultural family encouraged him to continue with it.

Viral Hit

Cardona listened to a lot of music, mainly to pass the time and to keep himself entertained. The more he listened, the more he became interested in songwriting and the process of making tracks. He started writing verses, and then experimented with adding music to them. In 2016, he released his first track online called “Summer Love”, but it didn’t gain a lot of attention.

A few months later, he was recorded by a friend while they were at a bathroom. He had been writing a song called “Jennifer” for some time, and already had the idea for the tone in his head. He sang it in the bathroom, and found that the recording showcased his vocal ability well. He uploaded the video onto YouTube, and slept on it. The next day he discovered that the video had attracted over seven million hits, shared multiple times, and he quickly became an internet celebrity, with people suddenly interested in his music. He wanted to take advantage of this newfound fame, but hackers also noticed his account, and his Facebook was deleted.

He created a YouTube channel in response, and started to build his audience from scratch once more.

Signed Artist and Music Releases

Trinidad was approached by independent record label Island Records, who was interested in releasing his single “Jennifer” online. He recorded the song with the company, and shot a music video which was released in early-2017. The song proved successful, gaining millions of views just like the original video. He also gained the attention of several celebrities, including Kelly Rowland, Gucci Mane, and Ludacris, who all shared his music on their respective social media pages.

Following the success of his first single, he quickly went on to record his first extended play (EP) called “Jennifer EP”, which contained two other singles – “You Are Mine” and “Ready”. Over the next few years, he released more songs, including “Call Me Back”, “Even If”, and “Dinero”, released through a personal YouTube channel. He’s subsequently gained a lot of subscribers, and earns additional income thanks to the advertising revenue provided by the website’s parent company, Google. After matriculating from high school, he opted not to pursue a college education, and instead focus on making music.

Influences and Recent Endeavors

Trinidad’s music has been compared to the R&B music of the 1990s. He was surprised when he first got these comparisons, as he’d never really listened to that genre of music, but mainly to modern R&B and dancehall. He states that some of his interests include Jerry Bergonzi, Popcaan, Vybz Kartel, Grover Washington, Jr., and Tommy Lee, as well as listening to a lot of Michael Jackson. Apart from singing, he loves rapping, as seen in his music releases in English and Spanish, with many praising him for his lyrical ability.

One of the reasons for his fame is not just his musical talents, but his looks as well, as he’s gained a lot of fans for his appearance.

He initially sported an afro but later dropped it for a cleaner modern look. Following the release of his initial EP and the subsequent singles, he’s been continuing releasing singles sporadically. His first single which featured a new sound was called “Solo”, released in 2019. In early-2020, he’s been showing signs that he’s working on a major music release, with new singles such as “Blame Me” and “Show Off”, mainly uploaded to his YouTube channel. He’s also been a featured artist in other videos, such as in “Does It Feel Like Falling” by Alex Aiono.

Personal Life

Initially, there was speculations regarding Trinidad’s sexuality, because of his background and the orientation of his parents. A lot of people thought he was gay, but he shut down the rumors once he began dating social media personality, Meredith Reeves. She is known for her Instagram page and rose to fame posting comedy and meme videos, and now has hundreds of thousands of followers on her account. She is also a big fan of rapping and is a rapper herself, leading to the two connecting on music. The two have been spotted at public events, and have now been in a relationship for around a year.