Tracey Edmonds Parents: Meet Jacqueline McQuarn & George McQuarn

Tracey Edmonds is the daughter of Jacqueline McQuarn and George McQuarn. Specific details about Tracey Edmonds’ parents, including their background, are unknown.

Edmonds’ career boasts an impressive array of accomplishments. She currently holds the esteemed position of CEO at Edmonds Entertainment Group Inc. and, demonstrating her prowess as a businesswoman in the competitive entertainment landscape. Notably, she served as the CEO and President of Edmonds Entertainment, where she spearheaded the creation and production of diverse projects across various media platforms.

Edmonds significantly impacted her tenure as a host on the television show Extra, from 2014 to 2017. Her contributions were recognized when she clinched an Emmy Award for engaging in co-hosting alongside Mario Lopez and Charissa Thompson. This accolade affirmed her on-screen charisma and solidified her status as a respected figure in the television industry.

In 2013, Tracey Edmonds embarked on a new venture by founding Alright TV, a family- and faith-oriented web network. This platform reflected her commitment to creating content that resonates with diverse audiences while upholding positive values. Her visionary approach to media was further exemplified in the executive production of “Games People Play,” a gripping drama about the NBA that aired in 2019 on BET.