Top 20 Nigerian Christian Movies You Must See

We are still on our Nollywood series which we started sometime last week. We bring you the very best in Nigerian Nollywood Movies, this time around, we’ve decided to focus on Nigerian Christian Movies and Films by listing popular trailers for your enjoyment! Every movie on our list has a message from Jesus Christ. It’s a “Non-denominational” list of Nigerian Christian movies and films on DVD, Blu-ray, VHS, VOD, Rentals and upcoming Nigerian Christian Movies in Theaters. All the films listed here have a “Christian Message” feel free to share your comments below, also take out time to see a collection of these other Nigerian movies in the following categories.

Just a Little Sin

This may end up being the most powerful Christian film in Nigeria, even though it is not among the newest. Shot and produced in 1998 by the Mount Zion, the movie is about a woman who engaged in fornication and abortion. Because of that, she has lost her calling and at the end, she died because of it. The movie was written and directed by pastor Mike Bamiloye.

Witchcraft in the Church

This movie was made by the Peacemakers Outreach Ministries International. Just as the name suggests, the storyline is about some witches that were sent to destroy a church, and they were given some agendas to do this. The movie did not feature very well-known faces in the mainstream movie industries.

Sunset at Mid-day – Nigerian Christian Movies

Sunset at Mid-day is yet another among the great Nigerian Christian movies that are produced by Mount Zion Ministries Production. The movie tells a story of a young man who has been living a pretentious life until it was too late for him to be helped. All the while, his parents had always believed that he was living the way of the Lord.

Invasion From Hell

This movie is not only great in the storyline, but also in the production and the other things including the setting and music. The movie tells of a pastor that sells his soul for the purpose of gaining wealth. Another mount Zion production movie, it was released in 2011. The movie was directed by Elvon Jarrett.

Edge of Success

Obviously, Mount Zion Production is the biggest when it comes to Nigerian Christian movies. The movie centres of failure that comes when one is about to succeed as well as the power of prayers.

The Thief Cometh – Nigerian Christian Movies

A famous film production, this is a movie that tells of the ease of starting sin and how one can continuously keep doing wrong and its final consequence of destruction. While not the best in terms of production quality, it has a thing or two to teach.

Soldiers of Christ

Featuring Eve Esin, Livinus Nnochiri and many other top actors, this Top-Sun movie uses many actors in the mainstream movie scene.

Ashes to Beauty

Beauty to ashes as you will rightly guess is a movie that talks about the salvation of Christ. This movie which was written by Stella Aanu-Ademola, tells the story of Eniola who was called to lead the sheep, but she later faced a lot of challenges after her husband died in an accident.

Dangerous Influence

A 2012 movie, this Mount Zion Film Production movie that centres on the trueness of Christian families, love, and salvation among many other themes.

Goddess and Pastor in Love

Directed by Kensteve Anuka, this is a movie that is almost a collabo between the Nollywood and the Ghollywood. The movie begins with the return of a prince from the western world and he is attempting to change some traditions that sacrifice newborn babies. The prince returns as a pastor and he wants to stop the killing of babies.

Heaven is Far

This movie doesn’t stray too far from the theme of sin that has remained the major themes of Nigerian Christian movies that are produced by the Mount Zion Ministries production. It tells the story of how a man has lost his life due to deception and didn’t make heaven.

Converted but Unbroken

Mrs. Tope Boaz is a Christian that somehow, gets to be too much self-centred to worry about others. Because of that and the things she is hiding, her family is getting destroyed. That is the theme of this movie that was produced by Ladtem films. The movie features actors such as Busayo Asikhia, Rotimi Akinlesi, and Lekan Asikhia.

Other Nigerian Christian Movies Are:

The Return

Secrets of the moment

Dying Soul

Abuse of Grace

7 Days Before Christ

Great Mistake

Perilous Times

When God Steps In

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