Top 10 Most Consumed Products in Nigeria

There are many reasons why one might want to know the most consumed products in Nigeria. This is a valuable piece of information for business owners or those who are looking to start a retail business. In this article, we will focus on the top 10 most consumed goods in Nigeria. These goods have been in the highest demand for some years and are expected to remain so in some years to come. Read on below:

How do you become rich and successful anywhere in the world? It is through finding something that many people want or need in a particular area and then selling it to that crowd of people. If you are a business owner or entrepreneur, this piece of information is very important for you. Let us look at the top 10 most consumed products in Nigeria. Let us see what these products are and why people need them.

Top 10 Most Consumed Products in Nigeria


Computers and phones and accessories

Nigerians are lovers of devices. Devices such as computers, smartphones, power banks, earphones, and all other necessary accessories that come with it sell fast in the Nigerian market. Other accessories here include memory cards, hard drives, headphones and earphones, screen protectors for smartphones and hard cases, etc. All these have become so popular and anyone with just a little investment can offer these commodities to people. Let us look at a power bank for example, in Nigeria where there is an inadequate power supply, having a way to charge one’s battery for a mobile phone is such a huge relief for many. More so, phones now have an inbuilt battery that cannot be removed or replaced with a freshly charged one. This is why many people make use of power banks and the comfort they offer. However, you must be very strategic when going into this business, consider the investment and expenses that will go into it.

Liquid and solid detergents and soaps

Hygiene is a key factor and major concern in Nigeria. It is important that people stay clean and also keep everything around them clean to keep diseases and infections away. In Africa, people suffer a lot due to unhygienic environments. You can build a profitable business around this by providing liquid and solid detergent, soap, or other washing and cleaning agents. You should start thinking of retailing soaps and other washing and cleaning agents.

Gas for cooking

Food is important and is an essential commodity. This makes the processes and tools used in cooking just as essential as the food itself.  Before now, people used to give preference to kerosene as fuel for their stoves. However, people now choose gas as a cheaper and more reliable source of heat for cooking. Also, kerosene stoves give off a lot of smoke. This smoke is not healthy because it leaves an unpleasant smell and it is also hard to remove the stains on cooking pots. Gas stoves do not emit a bad, unhealthy smell, it also does not make the cooking utensils dirty. This is a profitable business in Nigeria.

Food products

Food is an essential commodity at all places all over Nigeria and at all times. When selling food, you have to make sure the food is reliable and contains nothing potentially harmful to the health of consumers. Ensure raw food is fresh and not processed with pesticides. However, if you retail processed goods, make certain that the process is thorough enough to keep the goods fresh and safe for customers. If you are also going into the sales of cooked food, check that it’s cooked in compliance with the rules of safety and hygiene that govern Nigeria.


Cosmetics include hair extensions or other beauty products. People love looking beautiful and they use cosmetics and beauty care to achieve this. People are ready to spend some money on cosmetics for the sake of being attractive. If you provide good cosmetics and beauty care, you will make a fortune.


This is one of the products in highest demand in Nigeria. Every household and individual makes use of one or more electronics in the house, office, shop or school. Electronic products have a large market and are easily sellable. Top, reliable brands you can sell include Samsung, LG, Sony, TCL, Canon and so on. Below are some electronic products and categories that you can sell in Nigeria.

  • Television and videos: LED TVs, Smart TVs, Televisions, DVD players, PlayStation.
  • Cameras: Camcorders, digital cameras, video surveillance, projectors.
  • Generators and other power supplies such as inverters, solar power, stabilizers.
  • Audio: Home theatre, Bluetooth speakers, soundbars.
  • Musical instrument: Guitar, keyboard, and MIDI.


Grocery includes toilet papers, home cleaning equipment such as detergent, beverages, etc. These are the little materials that are needed in the home and which no one can actually do without. People use these products almost every day and would always go back to get some more. This is why you should look into the sales of groceries.

Building materials

This is also one of the most demanded and fast-selling goods in Nigeria. All materials needed for a new house, home renovations and reconstructions include plaster, bricks, and cement. All these and many more fall into the category of building materials. You can become a successful entrepreneur by retailing building materials.

Used Clothes and Shoes (Okrika)

This is another fast-selling product in Nigeria; used clothes and shoes, usually called Okrika. While some people shy away from buying used clothing, the average Nigerian shopper is looking for a bargain and a place they can get the best wears at an affordable price. If you have clothes that are clean, undamaged and are of good quality, you can earn a lot by selling them.

Soft Drinks

Soft drinks like sell very fast in Nigeria. Soft drinks are used at social events such as weddings, meetings, etc. You can be sure to make lots of profit if you go into this business as a wholesaler or retailer.