Tom Sawyer (Ohio politician) net worth at death & obituary

Thomas Sawyer, an American politician who served Akron, Ohio, at all levels of government for almost to fifty years (August 15, 1945 – approximately May 23, 2023) was born in Akron, Ohio. He has held office as the mayor of Akron, the Ohio Senate, the Ohio House of Representatives, and the United States Congress in the past. He belonged to the Democratic Party.

Roy Ray, the Republican incumbent mayor of Akron, narrowly lost to Tom Sawyer in the November 1983 election. In more than 18 years, Sawyer was Akron’s first elected Democrat mayor. Since Sawyer defeated Ray in 1983, a Republican hasn’t held Akron’s mayorship. By outvoting Republican Robert Roush 71.5% to 28.5% in 2012, Sawyer won re-election to a complete second term.

Tom Sawyer (Ohio politician) net worth at death

Tom Sawyer (Ohio politician) net worth at death was estimated to be between $5million to 10million.

Tom Sawyer (Ohio politician) obituary

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