Tom Mairs Father And Net Worth – Sam Quek Husband: What Does He Do For Living?

Tom Mairs was given a million pounds by his father, and that million has helped him to build a net worth of multi-millions as of today. Get to know more about Tom’s family life below.

Tom Mairs is an English property entrepreneur and a sports celebrity spouse. He is predominantly known as the husband of the former hockey Olympian, Sam Quek.

Aside from his popularity as the husband of Sam’s husband, he is also a star of his own field. He has been featured on Channel 4’s Secret Millionaire as he leads a property managerial business.

Meet Tom Mairs Father

Tom Mairs was born to a multi-millionaire father and mother in Liverpool. However, he has not publically discussed his father’s identity as of today.

Therefore, it can be deduced that Mr. Mairs prefers a private life despite his status as a multi-millionaire in society.

However, his mother, Jane Maris, is active on Instagram despite maintaining a private account.

Tom has been open about his career set up where he was given a million pounds by his father after his graduation. And as the responsible man that Tom is, he used the money to start his own housing and property business instead of spending the money on a luxury.

Hence, it can be said that the Mairs family has brought up a responsible son as he has successfully stepped up as a millionaire like the family.

Tom Mairs Net Worth Revealed

Tom Mairs holds his net worth figures in multi-millions as he has been listed on Channel 4’s Secret Millionaire. Moreover, he also enjoys a comfortable yet quality of life with his wife and his child.

However, we have yet to obtain the precise subtleties on his net worth earnings as of today.

What Does Tom Mairs Do For Living?

Tom Mairs works as a property entrepreneur and leads his own company for his living. His company specializes in property provision, especially to students.

His business involves providing the safest and secure houses in Liverpool. The company was awarded the CLASS accreditation by Liverpool City Council for the safety and quality properties in 2010.

With such smooth running and notable business, Tom has supported a comfortable living for himself and his family.

Meet Sam Quek Husband: His Marriage Life Explored

Tom is indeed the husband of Olympic gold medalist hockey player Sam Quek. The couple exchanged their vows in 2018 after dating for more than 5 years.

Tom and Sam became parents to their daughter Molly Doris Mairs in March 2021. The couple is open about their relationships and publically shows their support to each other.

Tom Mairs Wikipedia: Where Is He From?

Tom is from Liverpool from the very first though his biography has not been documented on Wikipedia currently. He is a popular face in Liverpool and had met his wife, Sam, in a Liverpool bar.

Hence, it can be said Tom’s most notable life memories all happened in his hometown, Liverpool.