Todd Heap Family: What To Know About His Children & Wife – Ashley Heap

Former American football tight end Todd Heap spent 12 seasons in the National Football League before his retirement in 2013. While he was able to make a name for himself on the field, he was also known for his staunch devotion to his family, a fact he made sure to always remind everyone. Todd Heap put his family above football as not many other players and followers of the sport would do. With this, there has been quite some curiosity about the identity and other details of his wife and kids.

Details of Todd Heap’s Family (Children and Wife Ashley Heap)

Todd Heap is an alumnus of Mountain View High School in Mesa, Arizona. It was here that he met his future wife, Ashley Eyvonne Rohner, who was born in Arizona on the 17th of February 1979. The childhood sweethearts dated for a couple of years and then solemnized the union shortly before Heap was selected by the Baltimore Ravens in the first round of the 2001 National Football League Draft.

In 2002, Todd Heap’s family expanded with the arrival of their daughter, Brooklyn. Four years later, Ashley gave birth to twin sons Kyle and Preston. By 2009, their third son, Cade was born, and in 2013, he was followed by their youngest daughter, Holly.

Despite being ranked as Mesa’s most acclaimed athletes, Todd has cited that the most important calling in his life is to be a husband and father. According to him, he has always prioritized his life by placing God first, family second, and then football.

Todd Heap has acknowledged the fact that football was a huge part of his life, however, he maintains that his family has always been the most important thing. His wife Ashley heap has been very caring, loving, and supportive even during her husband’s active playing career. Since his retirement, the couple has waxed strong together as they love to spend quality time with their kids.

Family Tragedy

Todd Heap’s family was struck with tragedy on the 14th of April 2017 when the former NFL star accidentally struck his 3-year-old daughter Holly with his pickup truck at their residence in East Summit Trail, Las Sendas, Mesa. The terrible accident occurred when Todd tried to move his truck forward without realizing that his little girl was standing on the driveway.

Holly sustained severe injuries and was rushed to a hospital where she was pronounced dead. The tragedy plunged Todd Heap’s family to the depths of heartbreak as only a few can fathom.

Following Holly’s demise, Heap’s friends, family, former teammates, and fans showed his family great support, love, and comfort as they sympathized with them during the unspeakable difficult time. His former clubs, the Arizona Cardinals where he retired from his professional playing career and the Baltimore Ravens where he played for ten years, both released official statements sharing their grief and equally consoling the family for their loss as they stated that their prayers and thoughts were with Todd Heap’s family throughout the sorrowful period.

Holly Heap’s Memorial

Following the heartbreaking accident that happened in April 2017, just a few days to his late daughter’s fourth birthday, the family asked to show acts of kindness to honor Holly on May 3rd. They designated the day, which was their late daughter and sister’s birthday, as Hugs for Holly Day. The family went as far as creating a website called Hugs for Holly Day for her memorial and on the site, they outlined several simple ways people can participate in honoring the little girl on her birthday.

The acts, which are centered around kindness, involved making plans to spread love through a smile, compliment, sharing of hugs, leaving bigger tips than usual, donating a book in Holly Heap’s memorial, writing a kind note to someone, and many others. They also encouraged people to donate to the new Holly Heap Memorial Fund through the Baltimore Community Foundation.

Todd Heap’s family has donated to charities that benefit the greater Baltimore area as they are renowned for their generous pledge of $1 million in the year 2007 which helped to establish the Todd Heap Family Pediatric Centre at a hospital in Baltimore.