Tina Aumont Biography, Age, Family, Movies, Career And Net Worth.

Tina Aumont Biography

Tina Aumont was an American actress, known for Texas Across the River (1966), Man, Pride & Vengeance (1967) and Satyricon (1969).

Tina Aumont Age

Tina’s sunrise was on 14 February 1946, while her sunset was in 2006. She died aged 60 years old.

Tina Aumont Family

Tina Aumont (born Maria Christina Aumont) was born in Hollywood, California, to actors Jean-Pierre Aumont, who wrote a poem for her birth “La Fille aux étoiles” and Marlene Dietrich sang lullabies while cradling her, and Maria Montez. She was of French Jewish and Dominican descent.

She suddenly lost her mother at the age of only five. Her mother died of a reported heart attack in the bath at their family home in France. She later stated about her mother in an interview: “I regret not to remember her clearly, because I was too little when she died. Even though I have a living mental image of her, which I attribute to, while years were passing, her remembrance was always close to me through the conversations with my father, my aunts, my uncle François, well, from my whole family.”

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During her teen years and the first years of her youth, she lived simultaneously with her paternal uncle and his wife and with her father, who made a new home. 5 years after her mother’s death, Jean-Pierre got married again with the Italian actress Marisa Pavan, twin-sister of Pier Angeli.

Tina Aumont Husband

Speaking of her love life, she married actor and film director Christian Marquand in 1963, when she was at the age of 17.

Tina Aumont The Howl

The Howl may be a 1970 Italian comedy film directed by Tinto Brass. It was entered into the twentieth Berlin International fete.
  • Tina Aumont – Anita
  • Gigi Proietti – Coso
  • Nino Segurini – Berto Bertuccioli
  • Germano Longo
  • Giorgio Gruden – Nightwatchman
  • Osiride Pevarello – Cannibal philosopher
  • Attilio Corsini
  • Carla Cassola
  • Sam Dorras – Priest
  • Tino Scotti – Intellectual at school
  • Edoardo Florio – Diogenes

Tina Aumont Malizia

Malicious (Italian: Malizia) is an Italian comedy. The original title Malizia is Italian for “malice”. It was entered into the twenty-third Berlin International festival for his or her performances Laura Antonelli and Turi Ferro won the Silver Ribbons for best thespian and best-supporting actor.

Tina Aumont Career

She was beaked as Tina Marquand (her married name) in four films, together with Joseph Losey’s Modesty Blaise (1966). She was photographed by Angelo Frontoni (it) in 1968, once she had ankle/floor length hair, of that some semi-nude footage was revealed in a very pictorial of her in pleasure seeker in 1969. She worked in Italian cinema with, among others, Alberto Sordi (Scusi, lei è favorevole o contrario?, 1966), Tinto Brass (The Howl, 1968 and Salon Kitty, 1975), Sergio Martino (Torso, 1973), Mauro Bolognini (Drama of the wealthy, 1974), Francesco Rosi (Illustrious Corpses, 1975), and Federico Fellini (Fellini’s Casanova, 1976).

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She additionally competes Lonetta, the Indian maiden, in American state Across the watercourse (1967), Luciana in Malicious (1973) and Valentina in a very Matter of your time (1976) star Mugil liza Minnelli. She marked in a period of time (film) (1975) with Klaus Kinski.

Tina Aumont Net Worth

She had an estimated worth of $1.9 Million.

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Tina Aumont Cause Of Death

In 2000, she retired from film work. In 2006 she suffered a pulmonary embolism and died in Port-Vendres, Pyrénées-Orientales, France, aged 60.

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