TikTok’s Desiree Montoya Age Difference With Boyfriend Dami El Moreno

In 2022, Desiree Montoya will be 17 years old, whilst her 2004-born partner will be 18 years old.

An excellent Instagram post published by Desiree Montoya, a well-known Instagram influencer and star, recently raised questions about her age among the general public.

YouTube, Tiktok, and social media influencer America are where Desiree Montoya calls home. She is well known for uploading brevity videos on Tiktok.

On the platform, she currently has more than two million followers. Even though she is still unsurpassed in appearance, she is a beauty queen. She has a devoted following of admirers thanks to her beauty.

Desiree Montoya’s Age Difference With Boyfriend Dami El Moreno

Dami El Moreno, Desiree Montoya’s boyfriend, and she were born one year apart. Hence their age difference is only one.

She has not completed her studies; she is still a high school student. It is also uncertain if she intends to go to college in the future. Her heritage is mixed.

However, she hasn’t given many specifics about her parents so yet. On her social media, she has seen her mother, though. She has two brothers, Edward and Joseph Montoya, according to the details of her siblings.

She is 49 kg tall and 5 feet 4 inches wide. She wears 5.5-inch shoes and is 32-24-33 inches tall.

Desiree Montoya And Dami El Moreno Exposed Video Amid Cheating Allegations

As a video of this well-known couple having sex on social media started to circulate, their fans were shocked. Every person who knew them or saw the video has spoken negatively and called it “sick.”

Instagram user Desiree posts pictures of her daily life to her Desiree Montoya account, where she already has over 1.4 million followers. She frequently discusses her friends and family in her posts.

Texas native Montoya is a member of The Bay House FL TikTok community. She had previously amassed over 500,000 admirers on her account through the app (before TikTok), which was her first platform with a web following.

She used to share dance performances and lip sync videos which now have over 3 million subscribers. Her mother and two brothers can also be seen in her social media videos. From 2019 to 2020, she dated Vincent Whitaker before Dami El Moreno. She also had a short-lived romance with Diego Martir up to December 2018.

Desiree And Dami Exposed Video Viral On Reddit And Twitter

Because Desi and Dami were most TikTokers’ favorites and are still young individuals, most people were outraged when their video went popular on Reddit and Twitter.

On TikTok, Desiree started her social media career by posting lip sync videos. Additionally, she contributes to the joint YouTube channel “Diego & Desi,” where she creates and publishes vlogs with Baby Diego, her boyfriend.

She has a distinctive singing voice, is highly creative and skilled, and routinely shares hip-hop and R&B songs on social media. Montoya is active on practically all social networking platforms and enjoys interacting with individuals worldwide.

Due to her video of having sex with Dami going viral, Desi is currently dealing with a significant backlash. It almost seems that everybody who followed them talked about it.