TikTok: Who Is Teddy Swims? Wikipedia Age And Real Name Jaten Dimsdale

Singer Teddy Swims has an enormous fanbase on Tiktok. He lacks a Wikipedia entry, but don’t worry, we’ve got him covered below.

Teddy Swims is a famous pop singer. He is known for various songs such as Bed on FireYou’re Still The OneI Can’t Make You Love, and many more.

The R & B singer very recently released his new song titled, 911. It was published on Jan  6, 2022, and has already received 224k views on Youtube.

TikTok: Who Is Teddy Swims? His Wikipedia

Teddy Swims’ name will most likely appear on Wikipedia pages at some point. His popularity is increasing day by day, especially on social media.

Swims is extremely popular on Tiktok and Youtube. His handle @teddyswims has amassed 1.6 followers on Tiktok and a total of 12 million likes.

Meanwhile, on Youtube, his official channel has gathered 2.08 million subscribers.

As mentioned on his official website, Teddy played football in the high schools. Likewise, he was actively involved in Atlanta’s metal, punk, and rap.

He performed for a progressive band called Elefvnts. However, at present, he is the lead vocalist of a rock band called WildHeart.

With the Alternative Rock band, Teddy has composed three hit singles; LonelyAnimal and Seeing It Through, all released in 2019.

In 2021, he debut his EP titled; Unlearning, followed by A Very Teddy Christmas on October 15, 2021.

What Is Teddy Swims’ Current Age?

Teddy Swims’ age is 29 years old in 2022. He was born in the year 1992 and his birthday is on September 25.

According to astrology, he belongs to the Libra sign. People born under the Sun sign are extremely balanced and intelligent.

Teddy Swims’ Real Name Revealed

Singer Teddy Swims’ real name is Jaten Dimsdale. He is a born American who was raised in the city of Atlanta, Georgia.

Although, every fan recognizes him with his name Teddy. The R & B singer has not revealed the story behind his stage name until today.

According to the singer,” SWIMS” on his name is an acronym for “Someone Who Isn’t Me Sometimes”. He considers himself a multitude.

Teddy says: “I’m too hard on myself,”. “I’m always in my head. You gotta have the guy behind you who says, ‘Man, this is great!’ Well, I’ve got 12 of those guys, and they’re the best people I know.”

Who Is Teddy Swims’ Wife Or Partner In 2022?

Teddy Swims revealed that his wife had left him in 2016. He had tweeted about being left alone.

At present time, he is dating a woman named, Nelly. Although, the singer has never clarified the relationship directly.