The Repair Shop: Who Is Suzie Fletcher Husband? Died From Pancreatic Cancer

Suzie Fletcher husband question was raised after she revealed how her brother helped her mourn the loss. 

Fletcher is a Master English Saddle Maker and a leather expert who has been featured on the BBC’s television program, The Repair Shop.

The Repair Shop is a show where a team of skilled craftsmen and women repair and restore antiques and heirlooms brought in by members of the public.

Fletcher is one of the show’s experts in restoring and repairing leather goods such as saddles, bags, and jackets.

She has been praised for her expertise, attention to detail, and passion for preserving traditional leatherworking techniques.

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The Repair Shop: Suzie Fletcher Husband Died From Pancreatic Cancer

While working on an old rocking horse at The Repair Shop, Fletcher had a very emotional moment.

The horse belonged to a guest named Julie Yates, who believed her late husband had signed it after fixing it up many years ago.

Then, she recalled the moment with her husband, who died due to pancreatic cancer after being diagnosed just eight months. 

In 2013, her husband passed away, and she never disclosed any information about her spouse, including their name or appearance. She made a point of keeping her husband’s identity a secret.

After her husband’s passing, she returned to the UK and joined The Repair Shop team in 2018. Her brother, skilled in repairing clocks, encouraged her to join the show.

She shared with The Telegraph: “I was completely broken in every way – emotionally, physically, and mentally. But being on the show and hearing other people’s stories made me realize I was not alone.”

She added, “The show created a safe space to share anything without being judged. The love and support from the team and the people around me were like a healing balm for my broken heart.”

But she mentioned that moving on after joining the show was constructive and that her co-star had been family to her in a short time. 

Meet Suzie Fletcher Brother Stephen Fletcher

Steve Fletcher, Brother of Suzie, is a popular TV figure renowned for his skills in repairing watches and clocks on the BBC program, The Repair Shop.

He is a horologist with expertise in timekeeping and has been part of the show since its inception in 2017.

Her brother is active on social media and often shares pictures with his co-star and her sister Suzie. Looking at the images he has shared, they seem to share a great bond.

Steve has 104K followers on his Instagram account and shares pictures and video clips from their show, The Repair Shop.

Her brother has been in the business for over 30 years and is well-respected. Steve’s love for horology began at a young age when he would often help his father, who was also a watchmaker.

He later studied at the British Horological Institute, where he honed his skills and learned the art of restoring antique timepieces.

But most of the time, both brother and sister have kept their relationship out from the eyes of media and different sources. 

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