The Nepalese-American Singer Parijita Bastola Rocked The Four-Chairs On The Voice, Who Is She?

Parijita Bastola, aged 17, had a tough time picking a coach after her blind audition on The Voice turned all four chairs.

As claimed by the singer herself during her audition, Parijita is the first Nepalese-American to ever audition for the singing reality show The Voice. She got all four coaches fighting to get her into their team.

The other performers to turn all four chairs this season are Morgan Myles, Orlando Mendez, Andrew Igbokidi, Kevin Hawkins, Omar Jose Cardona, and Morgan Taylor. It seems to be a tough competition this season.

She performed Labrinth’s 2016 song “Jealous” to the judges on her audition for The Voice, and the other three coaches, apart from the one she picks, will definitely be jealous.

While the trailer of her audition ends before she makes a pick, her father and other family members are seen lobbying for John. Will she pick John Legend as her coach for the season? You will need to watch the show.

Let us learn more about Parijita Bastola and look at five facts about the singer you might not know.

Quick Facts

Name Parijita Bastola
Age 17 Years Old
Date of Birth March 23, 2005
Occupation Singer
Band Bastola Band
Instagram @parijitab
TikTok @parijitab
Facebook @parijitasings

1. Parijita Bastola Coach Pick After Four-Chair-Turn Performance

Parijita Bastola’s Blind Audition on The Voice Season 22 turned all four coaches. Her coach pick can be John but the video clip is left on a cliffhanger.

She is a Nepalese-American singer who has auditioned in The Voice season 22 and managed to turn all four judges. Furthermore, all four judges were seen trying to get her to their team.

With her performance of Labrinth’s 2016 song “Jealous,” John Legend turned almost instantly. Camila Cabello and Gwen Stefani followed John. Towards the end of the song, Blake Shelton also pressed his button and turned his chair.

While John vouched for her trying to establish a connection with the singer by finding R&B as his middle ground, Camila and Gwen had their own persuasive speech.

At last, Blake stepped up his game by saying he was also in a singing competition once but was cut by Camila, speaking out of all the stupid things he had said previously, this was the stupidest one ever. She also asked if he was in a girl’s group as well.

She Was In A Band

Bastola also performs around her hometown in different events and programs. She has a group of talented musicians who perform together under the name BASTOLA BAND. Parijita, Bennett, Jack, Jesse, and Dylan are the band members.

2. She Is Just 17 Years Old

Parijita Bastola’s age is just 17 as she was born on 23 March 2005.

The coaches had a hard time believing she was just 17 years old after revealing the fact during her audition. She has a polished voice that appears to have been trained for years.

Bastola posts a glimpse of her birthday celebrations on her Instagram account, and the comment section gets filled with wishes every year. According to her date of birth, Parijita acquired Aries as her zodiac sign. Making predictions about her personality based on her zodiac sign, people with Aries as their zodiac sign tend to be passionate, motivated, and confident leaders.

While Bastola has her roots in Nepal, she has not revealed if she was born in Nepal or the United States of America. However, she has called Annapolis Junction, Maryland, United States of America, her home for several years.

Information about her childhood and early life is yet to come to the limelight, but as she has already started climbing the ladder of fame, it should be available on the web anytime now.

3. Her Parents Are Into Restaurant Business

Parijita Bastola’s parents own and run a restaurant in Maryland, United States of America.

Their names have not come to the surface yet, but they come from Nepal and have settled in the United States of America to pursue a better future and career. Bastola accompanied her father, mother, and aunt to the auditions. They looked excited after their daughter did a 4-chair-turner performance during her audition.

Her father was lobbying for John when she looked at them before choosing for the coach. He was also seen jumping when John turned his chair at the beginning of the audition.

Parijita’s parents have always been big The Voice fans despite being in the restaurant business. The singer revealed during her audition that her parents close their restaurant on Mondays to watch The Voice together at home.

Bastola does not post pictures with her parents on her Instagram account. Still, she is seen sharing images with her friends and possibly her siblings on her picture-sharing social media account.

4. She Is Active On Instagram

Bastola uses Instagram actively under her username @parijitab.

The singer has just over 3k followers on her Instagram account, but the number quickly rises after her recent performance on The Voice.

She has made 285 posts to her followers on her Instagram account, and most of her posts are images from her performance in different shows and events around the country.

Similarly, she also seems very close to her friends as she is accompanied by her friends and possibly siblings on her Instagram photos and videos. She also shares snippets of herself singing different songs with her followers.

Apart from Instagram, Bastola is also found using Facebook and TikTok. She is seen on Facebook with her username @parijitasings and TikTok with her username @parijitab. She is seen doing dance videos on her TikTok account and sometimes shares videos of her singing with her followers on the short-video sharing platform. Her audience has given 53k likes for her content, while 1570 people follow her on the forum.

5. She Is Originally From Nepla But Lives In Maryland

Parijita Bastola is originally from Nepal but lives in Severna Park, Maryland, in the USA.

She is the first Nepalese American on The Voice. She also expressed her interest in fusing the music of her home country with R&B music from the United States of America during the audition. She also said that she listens to R&B and Nepali music from her home country while speaking with the coaches during her audition.

Another singer of Nepalese-American descent to come to attention is Dibesh Pokharel, aka Arthur Gunn. He gained popularity worldwide after being the finalist runner-up in the American Idol Season 18 in 2020.

Bastola presented all four coaches with Rudrashya beads after her audition which she had brought from Nepal. The coaches loved the beads and said they were beautiful.

She has not revealed much about her origins and her early life. She has also not told if she was born in Nepal or the United States of America yet.

Some FAQs

Who Is Parijita Bastola?

Parijita Bastola is a Nepalese-American singer and vocalist who recently auditioned for The Voice turning all four chairs.

What Is Parijita Bastola Age?

Parijita Bastola’s age is 17 years old, she was born on March 23, 2005.

Which Coach Did Parijita Bastola Choose In The Voice?

Parijita Bastola probably selected John Legend but the selection was not shown in the trailer of her audition.

Who Are Parijita Bastola’s Parents?

Parijita Bastola’s parents are resturant owners and operators from Maryland, United States of America.