The Missing Camper: Carol Clay? Details To Know On Husband And Family

A beloved former head of the Victorian Country Women’s Association, Carol Clay’s husband’s name hasn’t been unveiled. 

She and Alpine Valley regular Russell Hill vanished while on a camping trip in March of last year, and their family has begged anybody with information to come forward.

They haven’t been seen since leaving Melbourne for Wonnangatta Valley, some 250 kilometers north of Melbourne.

The region has been searched numerous times.

However, authorities have been unable to provide any information on what happened to the couple.

According to authorities, two shovels were discovered during a search at Mount Hotham in April, but forensic testing found no relation between the tools and the disappearance.

About Carol Clay’s Husband And Family

Carol Clay’s husband’s name hasn’t been opened up.

Her family information has also remained hidden as of now.

She was said to be in an affair with Rusell Hill.

According to their families, the anguish and grief of not knowing what happened to their loved ones have plagued the families of two campers who went missing in Victoria’s high country for the last 19 months.

Is Carol Clay On Wikipedia?

Carol Clay’s biography has yet to be added to Wikipedia.

Following the news of her disappearance, she became the most talked-about figure.

While detectives have yet to decide if the disappearance was suspicious, they suspect a third party was involved and are optimistic that they will solve the case.

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There are several people of interest, according to the police.

On March 19, neighbors witnessed Mr. Hill putting Ms. Clay’s belongings into his car when he picked her up from her Pakenham residence.

On March 21, their tent and possessions were discovered along the Dry River Creek route, burned to the ground close to Mr. Hill’s slightly charred Toyota LandCruiser.

What Was Carol Clay’s Age?

Carol Clay was 73 years old at the time she vanished.

Her birth date has yet to be revealed in the news story.

Clays’ family has likewise kept her details secret from the public eye.