Tessa Virtue Sister: Jordan Virtue, Casey Virtue And Brother Kevin Virtue; Siblings Debunked!

Tessa Virtue sister Jordan Virtue, Casey Virtue, and brother Kevin Virtue have been integral to her family life and support system.

Tessa Jane McCormick Virtue is a retired Canadian ice dancer who, together with her partner Scott Moir, achieved unprecedented success in their sport.

They are three-time World champions, three-time Four Continents champions, and eight-time Canadian National champions, among others.

Virtue and Moir are the only ice dancers in history to achieve a Super Slam, winning all major international competitions in their senior and junior careers.

At the 2010 and 2018 Winter Olympics, they won gold medals in ice dance and team events. They became the most decorated Canadian ice dance team and Olympic figure skaters ever.

Virtue is widely regarded as one of the most incredible ice dancers ever, with her performances known for their grace, elegance, and technical mastery.

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Tessa Virtue Sister: Siblings Debunked

Tessa Virtue, the Canadian retired ice dancer, is the youngest of four siblings. Her older siblings are Jordan Virtue, Casey Virtue, and Kevin Virtue. 

Jordan is the oldest and was born in 1983, followed by Casey in 1985, Kevin in 1987, and Tessa in 1989.

While Tessa rose to fame as an Olympic champion ice dancer, her siblings have pursued different paths. Jordan is a nurse, Casey is a lawyer, and Kevin is a geologist.

Despite their varied career paths, the Virtue siblings remain close and supportive of each other.

Tessa has credited her siblings with being a significant source of inspiration and support throughout her skating career.

Jordan and Casey were both competitive figure skaters, and Kevin has steadfastly supported Tessa and her skating partner, Scott Moir.

Tessa Virtue Parents Details Explored

Tessa Virtue’s parents, Kate and Jim Virtue played a significant role in her figure skating career.

Despite having four children, they supported Tessa’s passion for figure skating and made numerous sacrifices to help her pursue her dreams.

Tessa’s mother, Kate, is a designer, while her Father, Jim, is a lawyer. They invested significant money, time, and effort in Tessa’s training, travel, and competitions.

Tessa’s parents also cared for her when she suffered from chronic exertional compartment syndrome, providing her with the care she needed to recover.

Tessa’s mother was usually the family member who accompanied her to competitions and invested heavily in her success.

Even after achieving success in her skating career, Tessa continued to live with her mother, who proudly supported her daughter’s achievements.

Tessa’s parents were amazed at her multitasking skills and dedication to her sport despite long hours of training.

Tessa Virtue Net Worth

According to sources, Tessa Virtue, the retired Canadian ice dancer, has an impressive net worth of $7 million, making her the wealthiest female ice skater.

Her primary income sources are her participation in various dance competitions and the Olympics, which has earned her a yearly salary exceeding $500,000.

Apart from skating, Tessa has also been a brand ambassador for Nivea Canada, a well-known cosmetic brand, and has appeared in several television ads.

Tessa Virtue also established her business, the Tessa Virtue Collection of Jewellery, in 2015, which is another source of her income.

In addition to her business ventures and brand endorsements, Tessa has worked with companies such as Lindt, Air Canada, General Mills, Adidas, and Acura West.

Tessa’s successful ice dancing career, entrepreneurial ventures, and brand collaborations have contributed to her impressive net worth.

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