Teea Goans Age: How Old Is She?

Teea Goans’ current age seems to be around 40-45 years old. Learn more about her marriage, her net worth, her family, and her birthday.

Teea Goans is an American singer.

She grew up in rural Lowry City, Missouri not far from the Kansas border. 

With her debut album ‘The Way I Remember It,’ she debuted in the music industry in 2010.

She has now become well-known for her efforts to preserve traditional country music.

Teea Goans Age: When Is Her Birthday?

Teea Goans’ age appears to be around 4-45 years old based on her physical appearance and job experience.

However, she never stated her age openly.

She has made some indications about her birthday.

On August 20, 2018, she announced a CD sale of her albums on her social media accounts on the occasion of her birthday week.

Teea Goans Husband And Family

Talking about Teea Goans’ husband, she is married to Brandon Green.

The couple has been dating since the year 1997 and has been over 24 years as of 2021.

They were married in the year 2003.

Every year the pair celebrate their anniversary on the 3rd of May.

Together, they have a little kid in their life.

Furthermore, we were unable to discover any information about Teea’s additional relatives.

In any news or social media postings, she has not mentioned her siblings, family, or relatives.

What Is Teea Goans Net Worth?

According to wikifame Teea Goans has a net worth of around $1 million.

It has been 15 years since she started singing. During these joyful years, Teena has made a great fortune.

Despite all of the money and celebrity she has amassed, Goans prefers not to seem wealthy. She prefers to live a simple existence.

In addition, she maintains a YouTube channel. From there, Goans does not generate a lot of money.

According to SocialBlade, her yearly estimated wealth is somewhere between $42 to $600.