Taylor Pantalemon Missing Case Update: Is She Found? Details On Her Age And Parents

Teenager Taylor Pantalemon went missing on Monday evening. Despite all the efforts from the authorities and her family, they haven’t found a single clue about her.

Taylor Pantalemon was last seen on Monday evening at 7 p.m. After that, there are no information on the teenager and she also left her car and phone before going missing.

Her parents and family are devasted by the incident and are doing everything to find her. This is the first time, Panatlemon has gone missing. She usually always has her phone with her and never left without informing.

Who Is Taylor Pantalemon? Missing Case Update

Taylor Pantalemon is a teenager from the Ladera Ranch, California who has gone missing. According to authorities, the girl went missing on Monday evening.

The police are searched everywhere for Panatlemon but they have failed to find any lead in this case. She left both her phone and car before going missing.

As of now, no information has been disclosed regarding her missing. But we hope to update further information as soon as possible.

Find Out Taylor Pantalemon Age And Photo

Taylor Pantalemon’s age is only 16 years old.

The teenager went missing on Monday night and her family has been sharing her photo on social media in an attempt to find her. Therefore, Pantalemon is currently trending on the web as many people are sharing her missing photo on their respective platforms.

Her descriptions are also mentioned in her photo such as her height is 5 feet 1 inch, eye color is brown, hair color is dirty blonde, and she is possibly wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt.

Who Are Taylor Pantalemon Parents?

Taylor Pantalemon’s parents are trying everything they can to find their missing daughter. However, their personal details are currently unavailable.

Taylor’s parents are actively seeking help from the public and asking for any information that could lead them to their daughter.

The authorities are doing their best to find the missing girl. If anyone has any information about Taylor, please contact (949) 887-0585 and or (949) 304-3683.