Tan France Age, Height, Businesses, TV Shows, Education, Family, Instagram

Tan France is a British-American fashion designer and tv personality of Pakistani descent.

Tan France age

How old is Tan France? What is Tan France’s age? Tan France is 40 years old.

Tan France height

How tall is Tan France? What is Tan France’s height? Tan France is around 1.75 meters tall.

Tan France businesses

What are some of Tan France’s businesses? Tan France was the owner of a company called Kingdom & State. He also created ModCloth and Forever 21, as well as the Rachel Parcell Inc clothing line before selling all of them to retire.

Tan France TV shows

What are some of the popular tv shows by Tan France? What tv shows is Tan France known for? Tan France is known for two popular shows Queer Eyes and Next in Fashion. 

Tan France family

Who are Tan France’s family? Tan France is married to Rob France and has a son called Ismail France.

Tan France Instagram

Is Tan France on Instagram? What is Tan France’s Instagram handle? Tan France is on Instagram as @tanfrance. He has a verified account with over 3 million followers on the Facebook-owned app.