Taliyaandgustavo Reddit Reaction From TikTok Is Priceless, What Happened?

Taliyaandgustavo is a social media handle of two famous couples on Youtube, Talia and Gustavo. 

The Internet couple has 30 thousand subscribers on their YouTube channel. They share vlogs about daily couple problems and lifestyles.

They are also on Instagram, where 18.1 thousand people follow them under the handle @taliyaandgustavo.

Reddit has been trending with Taliyaandgustavo’s private photos and videos for the past two days. Fans are worried and wondering what happened to the couple.

A video of Youtubers Talia and Gustavo, aka Taliyaandgustavo, has recently been getting attention.

In the clip, the pair reveals their body parts and gets intimate. Similarly, most other photos and clips are very revealing and inappropriate.

Last month, Talia and Gustavo stated they opened an OF account. But someone unethically shared their clips on Reddit without authority.

In a recent interview with KTLA, Taliyaandgustavo discussed their choice to reveal their profile and how they overcame their first misgivings about the site. They also noted that they fully support their commitment to upholding the creators’ integrity.

Nevertheless, the couple might still be worried about who had shared their contents illegally. They have not discussed the incident and are possibly trying to find the culprit.

Netizens’ Reaction To Taliyaandgustavo Video

Taliyaandgustavo’s recent video has received criticism from Internet users. Thousands of fans seemed to have reported the clip.

As far as fans know Taliyaandgustavo, they have always seen the pair sharing romantic and funny content. The netizens never believed their favorite couple would go beyond likes and money.

Nevertheless, the folks have increased their followers in recent days. They are open about their decision, and many more individuals use new concepts daily to bring in additional viewers.

Who Is Taliyaandgustavo On Titkok?

Talia and Gustavo, aka Taliyaandgustavo, have mentioned themselves as the ‘naughtiest couple on the Internet’ on their OF profile. Altogether, they have shared 32 posts and have received a total of 59.1 thousand likes on OF.

Gustavo Valencia and Talia Jordon were engaged on August 21, 2018. The same year, they started their Youtube channel and began sharing clips related to couples’ lifestyles and daily problems living together. 

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The pair went to the same school and graduated in May this year. They shared their couple goals for 2022, in which they have wished to get at least 100 thousand subscribers on Youtube, want 1 million plus followers on Tiktok, and want to build investment and purchase Benz/Lexus.

On Tiktok, the content creators have a whooping 1 million subscribers and received 73.1 million reactions to their content. 

On February 13, 2022, they created a couple’s Instagram account, and within a short time, they had hundreds of followers. The couple is famous because they are so different and make people laugh.