Suzanne Hannemann Age: Fred Couples Wife Wiki And Bio

Suzanne Hannemann is a 47-year-old woman who is married to Frederick Stevens Couples, a well-known professional American golfer.

Fred Couples has played on both the PGA Tour and the PGA Tour Champions. He was a former World No. 1 and has won 64 professional competitions, including the Players Championship in 1984 and 1996 and the Master’s Tournament in 1992.

Couples’ current wife, Suzanne Hannemann, is his third wife, and he has been previously married two times. The pair exchanged vows on February 22, 2022.

Fred was spotted with golf gear during his wedding, indicating his extraordinary obsession with and devotion to the game. Suzanne did not play around with her wedding attire; she looked lovely in her beautiful wedding dress.

The duo dated for quite some time before tying a knot with each other. They had been together for a while; Hannemann was spotted in 2015 at events supporting Couples.

Suzanne Hannemann Has An Age Gap Of 15 Years With Husband Fred Couples

The golfer’s wife, Suzanne, is currently 47 years old as of 2022, as she was born in November 1974 in South Bay, California, the United States. Likewise, her husband, the famous gold player Fred, was born on October 3, 1959, in Seattle, Washington, the United States.

Fred Couples and his wife Suzanne Hannenmen have an approximate age gap of nearly 15 years, and the duo has been happily married to each other for nearly seven months as of September 2022.

Despite their more than a decade age difference, the couple appears happy in their marriage. The duo currently reside in Newport Beach, California, enjoying the first phase of their married life together.

Who Is Fred Couples Wife Suzanne Hannemann ? Update on Her Wiki And BIo

Suzanne Hannemann, the third and current wife of the famous golfer Fred Couples, gained fans following her wedding with her long-term partner Fred last February.

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The golfer’s wife is expected to have been born in 1974 in South Bay, California, the United States, and is currently 47. Her parents’ names are Carolyn Radcliffe, her mother, and John Radcliffe, her father.

She grew up alongside her brother, Kriss Radcliffe, and had a decent childhood. Unfortunately, her parents are no more in the world. Her only blood relative left is her brother.

Suzanne is already in her late 40s. Therefore, it is safe to assume that she has already completed her higher studies and is doing well in her career.

Does Fred Couples Have Children?

American professional golfer Fred Couples does not have any biological children. He allegedly has two stepchildren from his second marriage, Gigi and Oliver.

The second wife of Fred Thais Baker had a son named Oliver and a daughter named Gigi from her first marriage. ESPN states that they are currently thirty-one and twenty-nine years old.

Despite the fact that he has been married three times, the American MLB star has not been a father to any of his biological children. His first two marriages resulted in no kids, while his current marriage has not announced the news of any children.

Who is Fred Couples Ex-Wife Thais Baker?

Thais Baker was the second wife of the famous American baseball player Fred Couples. She was married to him in 1998. Unfortunately, their relationship could not last very long because she was diagnosed with breast cancer and left the world on February 17, 2009.

The former wife of Fred was a popular American model who rose to popularity as the spouse of Stev Bren and Fred Couples. The family of Thais Baker is a direct ancestor of the Santa Barbara founding families. She met her former husband, Fred Couples, as a single mother.

In the end, after being in a happy marriage since 1998, the two broke up in 2005. In 2007, they made an effort to get back together, but it failed after only six months. Late in 2008, Baker’s illness reappeared and worsened.

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The couple lived apart but never divorced legally. Even though they had been going through a divorce for the preceding three years, Baker remained a resident of the large Santa Barbara, California, estate until her passing.

While playing in the Northern Trust Open, about two hours south of their homes, the couples learned of Baker’s passing. He thought of leaving the competition but ultimately chose to continue.

Deborah Couples Is The First Wife Of Fred Couples

Fred Couples was initially married to his first wife, Deborah, in 1979. The duo had first connected while attending the University of Houston. They were college sweethearts when they started dating and eventually got married to each other.

Fred and Deborah were happily married for eleven years. For the first 12 years of his career on tour, Deborah gave up her pro career to be one of his biggest supporters.

But for unknown reasons, their divorce was initially filed in 1982 and finally finalized in 1993. According to reports, Deborah was awarded a settlement that consisted of a $7 million lump amount and a multimillion-dollar property.

Later, she left the world after a fall in May 2001, which the Los Angeles City Coroner’s office determined was intentional. The duo did not have any children. After getting divorced, Deborah didn’t get married again and never had children.

Deborah had started a business and thought it would be easy to establish one. However, it did not go well for her, and she suffered losses. Due to her financial difficulties, she had to sell the couple’s golf collectibles and the house she was given as part of the divorce settlement.

According to ESPN, the ex-wife was involved in two-vehicle accidents in 2001, which aggravated the discomfort she had suffered from a collision a decade earlier, and “she had a history of anxiety.” These accidents made her “severely depressed,” adding physical suffering to her already experienced mental suffering.