Stephen Marlow Video On TikTok About Mind Control, Man Arrested For 4 Murder In Shooting

The man who is accused of shooting and killing four people in two different houses in Ohio, supposedly because he thought his mind was being controlled, has been caught in Kansas after a two-day search.

Stephen Marlow, who is 39 years old, was apprehended in Lawrence on Saturday just before 9 p.m. after a police officer on the lookout for the fugitive noticed his vehicle and pursued him into a parking lot.

Marlow resided in the same neighborhood as his victims, though it is unknown whether or not he was acquainted with them on a personal level. It is also unknown whether or not the two families who were killed knew one another before their deaths.

Stephen Marlow Video On TikTok- Mind Control!

Marlow had previously provided his account of the killings in a video that was uploaded on Tiktok. In the video, Marlow identified himself as a “targeted individual” and said that he was the victim of mind control.

In the tape, he can be heard saying that he is organizing a counterattack and that he would gladly die to expose this.

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During his rant, he also said that his supposed mind controllers used “ventriloquism” to change minds and tongues and that he had been persecuted more than anyone else in human history.

He requested that people pay him a visit in jail, saying that they would find him to be the same man they had almost certainly known if he were to make it. He is willing to sacrifice his life to bring this information to light.

He also remarked that if he can help another targeted individual fight back against telepathy, then the sacrifice will be worth it in the end.

Stephen Marlow Has Been Arrested In Connection With The Dayton Shooting

Stephen Marlow was arrested for the murder of an elderly couple, a mother, and her 15-year-old daughter.

After the murders, Stephen took to Facebook to claim that the victims had been manipulating his mind through the use of telepathy. This led to his arrest.

After he was accused of killing Clyde Knox, 82, Eva Knox, 78, Sarah Anderson, 41, and Kayla Anderson, 15, on Friday in Butler Township, Ohio, Stephen Marlow went on a rant.

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According to the police, officers were dispatched to a neighborhood in Ohio just before noon on Friday after receiving a complaint of shots being fired in the area. When they arrived, they discovered four people with gunshot wounds at multiple crime scenes.

On the spot, the medical examiner determined that each of the four victims had passed away.

Anyone who saw Marlow after he had escaped was urged by the police to not approach him as he was still likely to be armed and dangerous. Marlow had been on the run.

Who Is Stephen Marlow? His Age

Stephen Marlow is 39 years old as of 2022.

Marlow was released from his probation in February after serving time for aggravated burglary and aggravated threats resulting from an incident that occurred in July 2019 in the suburb of Vandalia, which is located in the Dayton metropolitan area, according to the Daily Mail.

On Saturday, the city of Vandalia decided to take precautions by closing off several public locations.

His motivation for the murder is still a mystery, even though he claimed in a video posted on Facebook that he would be launching the first counter-attack against mind control in human history.