Stephen Jennings Actor Age: How Old Is He?

Stephen Jennings is a South African actor widely known for his role in the Kissing Booth series. Learn more about the actor, including his age and more in this article.

Stephen Jennings is a South African actor. He is known for The Kissing Booth, The Last Days of American Crime, and The Dinosaur Project.

 Stephen plays the character of Mr. Evans in the latest sequel of the series The Kissing Booth 3. His character is widely appreciated by the fans.

The Kissing Booth 3: Stephen Jennings Age Revealed

Stephen is a South African actor mostly known for his role in The  Kissing Booth movies. He is also in the latest movie ‘The Kissing Booth 3′ which is available on Netflix.

Stephen Jennings’s age is 61 years old as of 2021. He was born on May 11, 1960, in South Africa. He is a South African by nationality.

Although he does not have his own Wikipedia page, We can find his short bio on IMDb. We can also find his bio on several pages.

Meet Stephen Jennings Wife And Family 

Stephen Jennings’s wife’s details are unavailable. 

Stephen has kept his personal details to himself. Therefore, there is no information available about his wife or his relationship status.

Similarly, he has yet to share details about his family as well. Stephen has not shared any information regarding family on any of his social media platforms.

We hope to update it soon.

Find Out Stephen Jennings Net Worth

Stephen Jennings has yet to disclose details of his net worth.

The actor has kept his financial details private and has not shared them with the public.

However, being an actor and having acted in some of the finest movies, he surely has earned a massive income through his acting career. He seems to live a comfortable life and has accumulated a decent net worth.

We hope to update his net worth as soon as possible.