Sonny Dykes Wife Kate Golding Has Ties To UTEP Basketball

Sonny Dykes is married to his wife Kate Golding who is a graduate of Texas Tech University. Kate has special ties with UTEP Basketball.

Sonny has been a football coach since 2010, when he started to coach Louisiana Tech, and is currently involved with the TCU Horned Frogs. However, he married Golding in 2006 and is 12 years younger than him. 

Kate, is the daughter of a Texas high school football coach and studied at Texas Tech. She is not actively involved in basketball like her husband and brother. However, she has long ties to it and is proud of them for their management careers. 

Kate is a family woman with a long-term relationship with Sonny, and her IG is filled with posts about her children that make up for sweet memories. 

Sonny Dykes Wife Kate Golding Met Him after Graduation

Sonny Dykes and wife Kate Golding met at a football camp for a career discussion after she graduated from Texas Tech. 

Kate was already involved in the sports line of work by working in Texas Tech’s sports information department. Since she was 12 years younger than Sonny, she didn’t get to know him much during her student life, even if their family knew each other. 

However, their fated meeting came soon after her graduation when it was time to build her career. The college had given the privilege for their students to meet with football coaches to discuss employment with them. That was the moment Kate met him. Sonny wanted to help Kate find a good job and offered to take her number. 

She also described that their conversation happened organically, and after that, it was a matter of time before they clicked and started to date. 

Sonny And Kate Married Two Years Later

Sonny and Kate married after two years since they had first met each other. 

Kate was 22 years old when she married Sonny. They married in July 2006. Even though both of them had a home in Texas, Kate lived in Houston, while her husband lived in Dallas. So, Sonny asked her father to take her with him. They agreed, and she went to live with her husband.

However, the couple has never resided in one spot due to Sonny’s coaching career. They had to go to Louisiana Tech as they hired Sonny. Then in 2013, he had to travel to California to coach California Bears. 

On July 23, 2018, Sonny tweeted an anniversary message about how he was blessed to have lived happily with Kate for 12 years and remarked about Kate being the best wife and mother anyone could have hoped for. 

Sonny and Kate Golding Have Two Daughters And A Son

Sonny and his wife Kate have two daughters and a son with whom they share many happy memories. 

Her eldest daughter, Allie, was born in 2008 in Arizona. Allie had the privilege to visit many states, like Arizona, and Oregon when she was only nine years old. In 2011, Kate gave birth to their second daughter, Charlie. 

On October 11, 2019, she made a happy statement in her IG about welcoming her son, Daniel Joseph Dykes. The comments were filled with people congratulating her and complimenting him by calling him cute and precious.

Kate is a family woman who loves her children very much and enjoys spending time with them.

Kate’s IG is filled with her posts of lovely children, which serve as a memory she has created with them. 

On January 23, 2017, Kate went out with her daughters, Allie and Charlie, to watch Bull-riding and barrel racing in Fort Worth. 

Kate also posted a photo of her two daughters’ first days in school on January 31, 2017. The children study in the Fort Worth Country Day School, as seen in the background. Many users hoped for them to have a great day. 

With the couple needing to travel and reside in various states temporarily, their daughters were forced to change 3 schools in just 14 months. Kate finds that to be disconcerting. For instance, Allie was frustrated when she had to leave her school in California to return to Texas after nearly finishing her 3rd grade. 

Along with the monotonous school life, who doesn’t enjoy the joyful festivities? Kate and her three children were enjoying the Halloween event in 2018. Her children enjoyed the event with their friends and had the bag of Trick and Treat. Daniel was seen in a Batman costume, which looked very cute.  

Allie Went To A Summer Camp

Kate’s daughter Allie was involved in a Texas Summer Camp called Camp Champions. 

This camp helped them with a platform to grow exponentially for community work. Moreover, Kate was present with Allie and showcased many beautiful photos of her. 

Kate posted Allie’s 1st-day photo in the summer camp, as she humorously posed with the bunny ears on her counselor’s head. Allie certainly enjoyed swimming with her friends that day. 

Kate also posted a photo on June 9, 2017, where Allie was seen with her camp friends working on the farm with hays and bushes around them. She was already three weeks through the summer camp at this point. 

The Dykes Family Vacation

On July 2, 2017, Kate posted on her IG about her visit to Pebble Beach, California, where she spent time with her husband at its Golf resort and had fun golfing on that sunny day. They wore casual dresses and golf hats accompanied them. 

Kate also went to Costa Rica on 3rd July 2019 to enjoy time on its beautiful beach. The clouds and hills meshing together made for a perfect atmospheric blend, and they looked happy and relaxed on their vacation.

They had fun swimming in the sea and spent their night in a beautiful resort. They looked elegant in their summer dresses. Daniel was also seen in a Batman costume like his Halloween one.

Kate is Proud of her Husband Career

Kate is proud of Sonny’s professional career as a college football coach and fully supports him. 

Sonny helped to lift his previous club, SMU, from its struggles in the NCAA, and Kate is not shy to be proud of that. She also shares the club’s sentiments like her husband. 

Kate visits her husband’s games occasionally and cheers for her team at each step of his career. For example, on September 10, 2019, she posted a photo of her inside the stadium to support the SMU Mustangs and talked about how she loved a Mustang win with her best friend. 

Her children have also traveled along with Kate to watch Sonny’s games. On September 6, 2020, Kate was seen with her children wearing the SMU face masks near a bus stand of a stadium. Kate wrote the caption, ‘Pony Up,’ which suggests the victory SMU had over the Texas State Bobcats on September 5 by 31-24. To add more context, a Pony is the official mascot of SMU Mustangs. 

Kate knows winning is the only way to succeed and indirectly looks out for the team. She becomes sad when her husband’s team attendance is low in the stadium and happy when they make substantial attendance gains. 

Kate Golding Brother is a UTEP Coach

Kate Golding brother Joe Golding has been the Basketball coach for UTEP Miners since 2021. 

Joe has a close relationship with his sister, and they don’t have any negativity, as one would assume by marrying a rival coach. Instead, Joe has been supportive of his sister’s relationship. He tweeted on December 12, 2017, saying he was happy to see Kate and Sonny back in Texas where they belonged.

The context for this happy tweet was that Sonny had been coaching California Golden Bears since 2013, so he had to be in California. However, in December 2017, the SMU football team hired Sonny as the coach, making him return to his home state of Texas.

Kate posted a photo on December 18, 2016, cheering for her brother’s ACU team and her daughters through watching the Television at her home. 

Moreover, on December 20, 2016, Kate posted a photo of her brother with her two daughters, with the caption that they enjoyed time with their Uncle Joe and watched him coach his former team, ACU Wildcats.  

ESPN writer Pete Thamel also wondered about how Texas state is so big but small at the same time by tweeting on March 21, 2021, about the destined fate of Kate’s husband and brother being opponent coaches in the NCAA.