Smithfield Death Star Protestor & Joey Chestnut Tackle Video On Twitter

Watch: A video shows that Joey Chestnut tackled a Smithfield Death Star protestor after winning the Nathans Hot Dog Eating Contest for the 15th time. 

Legendary hot dog eater, Joey Chestnut inevitably won yet another Nathans Hot Dog Eating Contest, taking the winning tally to 15. The 38-year-old gulped down 63 hot dogs and hoisted the mustard belt within 10 minutes. 

But when he was celebrating his record win, a protestor came at him. Chestnut, then tackled and manhandled him alone before the security could do anything. The protestor is currently being called “Smithfield Death Star protestor.” 

Watch The Video Of Smithfield Death Star Protestor And Joey Chestnut Tackle On Twitter

There was a tussle between the Smithfield Death Star protestor and Joey Chestnut after the hot dog win. 

The 15-time contest winner stood in front of the crowd to celebrate when a person tried to ambush him. But instead, he was the one who singlehandedly handled the protestor leaving him on the ground. He choked the protestor who seems to be fine at the moment. 

Moreover, the protestor had a sign on his hand that wrote, “Expose Smithfield’s Death Star.” We don’t have any idea what that means and who he was implying it to. 

Further details will be updated soon. 

Smithfield Death Star Face Photos And Identity: Who Is The Protestor?

The identity of the Smithfield Death Star Protestor remains unknown for the time being. 

However, it has been reported that he was controlled by security. But the details about his identity are not revealed yet. The protestor was facing the opposite side of the camera when he tackled Joey. So, his face was not captured on camera. 

On television, the footage altogether wasn’t available. But several sources compiled the video and the tackle looks absolutely brutal. 

Joey Chestnut Wins The Hot Dog Eating Contest For 15th Time!

The 4th of July marks the day of the traditional Nathans Hot Dog Eating Contest, a tournament that always promises entertainment. 

From gulping down 63 hot dogs to tackling a protestor, Joey Chestnut made the ceremony as memorable as ever. The GOAT competitive eater won the contest a record 15 times today. 

The content has a lot of headlines. For starters, Joey was injured on his left tandem and appeared with clutches. Despite the injury, he went on to eat 63 hot dogs and won the competition. 

And finally, he manhandled a protestor alone almost choking him.