Slay Queen Teju Pretty Reacts To Rumours Of Being Beaten And Stripped N@ked By Hair Vendor Rhiks Hair

Teju Pretty, the well known Slay Queen, has responded to being gone after by Rhiks Hair, a hair vendor, for owing her N150k and evidently being undesirable about it.

Review that LIB detailed yesterday that Rhiks, who depicted what prompted the actual battle, expressed that their concern started after she paid N800,000 to Teju, her image diplomat at that point, accidentally in 2020.

Teju was depicted as a “trivial hoodlum,” and she uncovered that she drew closer the kill sovereign discreetly for her cash, however she told her she was disturbing her tranquility.

Teju answered by expressing that she has been endeavoring to keep away from show for quite a while. She likewise asserted she was attacked for her clout, saying that 12 females banding together against one individual isn’t something to be glad for.

Recollect that TejuPretty, a Nigerian powerhouse, was pounded into the ground yesterday, August 23rd. This comes after she wouldn’t pay the N800,000 that a merchant unintentionally shipped off her record.

The merchant included various Snapchat posts that following a few days of mentioning for the cash to be sent, Teju figured out how to give N650k and would not return the rest of.

Following that, she wouldn’t answer the seller’s sends and, surprisingly, offended her. The dealer left Teju yet vowed to return her cash at whatever point she saw her.

The shipper guaranteed she hadn’t seen Teju in that frame of mind until their ways met once more. This time, she promised to gather her cash, yet additionally to pound the life out of Teju.