Shauna Cernovich – Mike Cernovich’s Wife Bio, Facts and Profile

Shauna Cernovich is a US-based Iranian socialist media personality known for her marital relationship with American conspiracy theorist Mike Cernovich. Mike is an American social media personality, self-published author, and far-right conspiracy theorist. Mike and Shauna met and married shortly after the collapse of his eight-year marriage to a successful Silicon Valley attorney who made millions of dollars from an IPO of shares following their company’s IPO. This post brings Cernovich’s wife to the fore.

Shauna Cernovich’s Bio and Profile

Shauna Cernovich (birth name Shauna Ghofranian) was born on February 16, 1987 to a Persian Muslim family who immigrated to the United States from Iran. Little is known about her childhood and early education, but what we do know is that Shauna attended UC Irvine in 2009, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in economics. We also know that she has worked with a number of companies such as CraveOnline Media LLC, BCBG Max Azria and Nordstrom. However, little is known about their current activities. However, she was very supportive of her husband’s cause. retweeting his views as they emerge.

About her husband and family

In 2011, when Cernovich’s first wife filed fordivorce, this is one of the few cases in which a man receives a significant amount in divorce proceedings. According to Mike, the marriage broke down when his wife “succumbed” to feminist views. Cernovich was married to his first wife in 2003 while he was still a law student. The 2011 divorce landed him a seven-figure divorce settlement. Not long after his divorce, he met Shauna at a bar in Santa Monica, and in no time the two were on a glittering path to romance and marital bliss. They went to Mexico to get married.

So far the couple is doing very well. Shauna has consistently portrayed Mike as the right fit for her. Aware of his rather unpopular and brash views, she believes Mike has a soft heart when dealing with his personal relationships. While celebrating her first anniversary, Shauna said she wasn’t exactly looking for a “nice guy.” According to the beautiful Persian, she wanted someone real, complex and full of surprises. Shauna Cernovich also admitted to being attracted to Mike because he was visionary, insightful and fiercely loyal. Qualities that made them crown him “king” of their “heart and life”.

As of this writing, Shauna and Mike Cernovich live in California with their child, a daughter they have named Cyra. As part of their celebrity lives, Mike and Shauna travel extensively. In their Instagram posts, the couple have been spotted together in cities including Paris, Budapest and some parts of Vietnam and Cambodia. Whenever she posts about her Globetrotter activities, she includes the hashtag #Cernomad.

Facts about Mike Cernovich’s wife

1. She owns a dog

As part of their family, the couple also own an adorable dog, Julius, whose pictures frequently appear on Shauna Cernovich’s Instagram feeds.

2. She and her husband live with their parents

Now that sounds creepy, right? Marry your wife and move in with her parents! That sounds like it, but it’s not quite the case. At least not exactly. Mike and Shauna Cernovich’s compact home features a small, paved backyard and lush porch owned by Shauna’s parents, who live a few blocks away.

3. Her husband runs a successful website

In 2012 Mike launched his second website Dangerund Spiel. Although Danger and Play was first known for advocating human rights, it became a launch pad for anti-democratic party content during the 2016 US presidential campaign. The site contained articles in favor of Donald Trump and anti-Hillary Clinton. But that’s not all, after Shauna read the Danger and Play articles, she found content such as How to Cheat on Your Girlfriend highly disturbing and she vehemently requested that such language be removed or rephrased. Now that Mike is married, it’s obvious he’s not the only one whose opinion is surfacing online. Shauna Cernovich must continue to act as a filter for her husband’s rather rude views and analysis.