Shaun Murphy Snooker Ranking Titles, Age, Height, Family, Century Breaks, Maximum Breaks, Instagram

On August 10, 1982, Shaun Peter Murphy, an English snooker professional who won the 2005 World Championship, was born. Murphy also referred to as “The Magician,” is renowned for his lengthy pots and precise cueing.

On the UK Tour, the second-tier professional tour at the time, Murphy launched his professional career in 1998. (renamed the Challenge Tour in 2000). He placed second in the fourth UK Tour contest of the 1997–1998 season, and he won the third and fourth Challenge Tour competitions to claim first place in the Order of Merit for the 2000–2001 campaign.

Murphy, an Englishman from Harlow, began playing snooker when he was eight years old after receiving a snooker table from his parents for Christmas. At the Rushden Snooker Centre, where luminaries like Stephen Hendry, Mark Williams, and Ken Doherty have all competed, he received his training. At the age of 10, he made his century break there.

At the age of 13, he agreed to a five-year sponsorship deal with the Doc Martens shoe company for a fee of £5,000 per year, expressing his ambitions to win the World Championship and become the best in the world. He started his professional career in 1998 at the age of 15.

Shaun Murphy Snooker Ranking Titles

Murphy has nine ranking titles, making him one of only ten players to have won more. He has also appeared in three World Championship finals, all of which he lost.

Shaun Murphy Age

Shaun Murphy is 40 years (born on 10 August 1982)

Shaun Murphy Height

Shaun Murphy stands 1.81 m tall

Shaun Murphy Family

Murphy was born in Harlow and was raised in Irthlingborough. He started attending school at home at age 13 after being the target of bullying at school. He was fourteen when his parents split up. The last time he saw his mother was when he was 19 years old.

IMDb claims that Tony, his father, was a former professional golfer, and the two of them shared a residence. It was claimed that during the 2007 World Championship, he and his father, who serves on the World Snooker board, grew apart. He said he would be pleased to talk to his father again if the other called, even though they hadn’t spoken in over a year.

Shaun Murphy Century Breaks

Shaun Murphy’s century breaks are 602 (as of 18 February 2023)

Shaun Murphy Maximum Breaks

Shaun Murphy’s maximum breaks are 7

Shaun Murphy Instagram

Shaun Murphy’s Instagram handle is @shaunmurphy147