ShantiiP Age: How Old Is She?

As of 2021, ShantiiP seems to be between the age of 23-27. However, the artist has not spilled the beans on his exact age and date of birth. ShantiiP’s fans are still curious about her birth facts.

She has just started to introduce herself in the music industry. Her talent and lyrics are still raw but have a long future for success. ShantiiP has introduced herself to the cut-throat music industry at such a young age.

In 2021, ShantiiP released the song Twerk Cypher, which accumulated more than 15K views on YouTube.

ShantiiP Real Name: Details Revealed 

ShantiiP, the young artist, goes by the real name of Shantiip Lastpage. However, she was rose to fame with her stage name and preferred to be called by her stage name.

She is trying to put on a statement as a female in the industry. Some of her admired works are I lIke It Nasty and Like Abow. Fans and music critics have positively viewed her.

Meet ShantiiP On Instagram

Being a social media star, ShantiiP is active on Instagram and can be found with the username @shantiippp_.

The artist isn’t a frequent social media user and has posted seven posts. WIth aesthetic post, ShantiiP has managed to create a fanbase of 67 followers. The user does not follow anyone on the platform.

ShantiiP’s Instagram wall focuses on her gorgeous beauty. The artist flaunts her beauty and promotes her music with the help of social media engagement.

Her Instagram bio is “Duhhhh, it’s Shantiippp.”

Throw It Back A Bow Song TikTok: Viral Update 

ShantiiP was in the limelight of media when TarioP and her new song “Throw It Back A Bow.” The song is blessed with hip-hop beats and astonishing vocals. It is surely one of the songs when played people love to have a dance.

The song was viral on TikTok when the famous creator started using it on their video. The song has been featured on more than 6K creator account. 

The most popular video on the song by creator @yafaveblackgyal has surpassed more than half a million likes. ShantiiP is famously known as Abow girl.

ShantiiP Wikipedia: Details Explored On The Artist

Presently, ShantiiP’s name has not been listed on the official page of Wikipedia. However, her dedication and commitment to the music industry may soon lead him into Wikipedia.

ShantiiP is famously known for her singing. She was always keen on music and eventually decided to pursue it as a career. She, alongside her singing duo TarioP has released hyper-energetic singles on YouTube.

Their recent project of the song “Throw It Back” has accumulated more than 100K views in just ten days of release. Surely, the duo is packed with contracts and projects for the future.