Shana Wilson Husband Rachard Williams and Three Children

Shana Wilson husband Richard Williams is the founder of Chardyroc Music in Michigan. Richard Williams is a musician and entrepreneur.

Rachard is commonly known as Chardyroc among his peers and family.

Grown & Gospel star Shana is a multi-talented personality. She has a career in singing and has ventured into clothing lines and cosmetics brands named Sarcastic, along with her husband, Richard.

Wilson was born on January 20, 1985, in Detroit, MI, to father Samuel and mother Lady ‘J’ Wilson. Both of her parents are devout Christian pastors of the Community Fellowship church.

Additionally, she attended Martin Luther King Jr., Sr. High School.

She later enrolled at Morgan State University as a Music Major in Gospel & Classical Music under the guardianship of Dr Nathan Carter.

Not to forget, Shana Wilson won 1st Place in the Vickie Winans’ “New Rising Star” contest 2006 for the state of Michigan.

Shana Wilson Williams Husband

Shana Wilson husband Rachard is a Michigan-based record producer, music composer, and songwriter. Shana and Rachard got married on September 13, 2014.

They were in a loving relationship for a long time before getting hitched at Turks & Caicos Islands, North America, among tight-knit family and friends.

The entrepreneur has been in the industry for a long time and has worked with several artists over the years.

A few years ago, he produced a song for YouTuber Taryn Mychal Mai. Their music can be found on SoundCloud.

He also works with her wife, Shana and supports her business ideas, and helps her handle SarcaticMakeup and SarcasticBoutique.

Like his wife, Rachard also belongs to a religious family. His parents are pastors and have served the Lord all of their lives. Also, his brother Ralphie and Romero are believers.

Their memorable matrimony has resulted in three beautiful kids. Their firstborn child is a son, Rachard Williams Jr. Junior, followed by a little girl, Majesty Williams, and legacy Williams.

Shana and Rachard are in their ninth year of marriage and enjoying parenthood. They go on family trips and vacations and also to Shana’s concerts.

On June 2021, Shana was booked to minister at a Sunday church in Orlando, Florida, and that day happened to be her daughter Majesty’s birthday.

Hence, the family celebrated their girl’s birthday at Disney World after Church.

The Grown and Gospel Star Has Three Children

Shana Wilson has welcomed three beautiful children with her husband, Rachard. The couple is blessed with a baby boy and two little princesses.

After getting married in 2014, they decided to expand their family. As a Christian, Shana wanted to have more kids as the family believes that children are the grace of god.

Following their love in the expansion of the family, the pair welcomed their first child, Rachard Williams Junior, on 23rd July 2015. Their little boy is currently eight years old.

Similarly, their daughter Majesty Toni Grace Williams was born on 6th June 2017. Their little girl is five years old and shares the witty nature of her mother.

The gospel singer and her husband share their moments on their social media. They wish their kids birthdays and make announcements via their social media accounts.

Likewise, Rachard shared a particular photograph of their happy family celebrating Thanksgiving on November 25, 2022.

However, their prayers were heard when Shana gave birth to their youngest child Legacy on 13th July 2022. Before her birth, the couple was having trouble conceiving another child.

Shana Wilson In Grown and Gospel

Singer-turned-reality TV star Shana has a bold voice and is known for giving uplifting presentations. Recently, she has been the talk of the town for her coming TV series Grown and Gospel.

She joins WeTV’s reality television show Grown and Gospel along with her childhood friends Nikkia Cole Beach, Elijah Connor, Tasha Page Lockhart, J. Brooks, and BreeAnn Hammond,

On February 10th, Shana, Grown and Gospel cast shared the show’s poster image on her Instagram account. She urged her followers for support through her social media and expected to get good reviews.

All of the contestants are Gospel singers with fantastic textures in their voices. The contestants have extraordinary singing abilities and powerful and famous families.

They belong to religious Christian families whose elders are the powerhouse of their community. Hence, they all look forward to making their name through this competition without their famous parent’s interference.

The series is about the determinations of the six individuals who look forward to triumphing over the gospel scenarios in Detroit. Also, childhood friends want to break the barrier and escape their famous parent’s shadow.

The show Grown & Gospel premiered on We TV on Thursday, March 16th, 2023, at 9 pm ET.