Sarah Ward: Who Is Tom Hardy’s Ex-Wife?

Sarah Ward, the ex-wife of Tom Hardy, is an English woman who became a household name as a result of her marriage to Tom Hardy. Sarah Ward and Tom Hardy were presumed to become a great pair and they had some times during their moments together.

Sarah Ward and Tom Hardy walked down the aisle in 1999 but their marriage could not stand the test of time. Fast forward to 2004, Sarah Ward and Tom Hardy divorced officially.

Sarah Ward and Tom Hardy did not have any children together in their five-year-old marriage.

Sarah Ward is a producer who is in her early 40s but her exact age is not known since she kept a low profile despite the fame of his ex-husband. Sarah Ward is quite educated and she is very hardworking.

Sarah Ward was very focused in life and she had to call for a divorce between her and Tom Hardy after she could not control his addictive behaviours.