Who Are Sharky Duterte And Mateo Lucas D. Carpio? Meet Sara Duterte Kids

Sara Duterte is a proud mother to Sharky Duterte and Mateo Lucas D. Carpio as well as Marko Digong and they have been amazing kids.

She and her husband biologically gave birth to their two sons, Mateo and Marko and they got the chance to adopt beautiful little Sharky.

As her every child has the nickname, the original name of Sharky is Mikhaila María and her parents seem to love all their children equally.

We do not have further information about the children of Sara, but this family of five seems to spend the time more often with each other.

Does Sara Duterte Have Husband?

Sara Duterte is happily married to her handsome husband Manases Carpio and their marital relationship seems to be going very well.

They recited the wedding vows on the 27th of October, 2007 and since then they have been living with each other sharing sorrow and joy.

Before their relationship began, Mans was the lawyer of Sara and eventually, they grew fond of each other and their professional relationship turned personal.

Today, we can find them enjoying their life together along with their children and they have been supportive and they motivate each other too.

Sara Duterte Net Worth Explored

The net worth of Sara Duterte is currently under the estimation of around $1 million – $5 million as of 2022.

She has been serving in several political positions as well as she is a current mayor of Davao city too from where she had been earning quite impressively.

Apart from that, Sara often involves herself in different philanthropical works as she believes in the philosophy of sharing what we have with needy people.

Moreover, we can follow her on Twitter under @indaysara and she uses it to share her political thoughts as well we can get to know more about her profession too.

Is Sara Duterte Present On Instagram?

Yes, Sara Duterte is indeed present on Instagram under @indysaraduterte where more than 622 thousand people follow her.

We can find her sharing beautiful pictures of herself through her Instagram handle and people adore this beautiful as well as intelligent person.

In spite of having an Instagram presence, she does not often share about her kids and family members through it which seems quite strange than others.

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