Sapir Berman Age Partner: Meet Israeli Soccer’s First-Ever Transgender Referee

The Isreal soccer referee has revealed that she is transgender. Sapir Berman admitted that she is transgender and a woman. She is the first-ever transgender Israeli referee.

Is Sapir transgender from an early age. Know more about her.

Berman is the first-ever transgender. She always felt like she was a woman.

Her brave attitude to confront her sexuality is appreciated by many fans.

Sapir will be now hosting the game as a woman referee, Fans and players have also started to address her as a woman.

The Isreal Football association is also proud of how Sapir came and told that she is transgender.

 What is Sapir Berman Age?

Sapir Berman’s age is 27 years old. Details about his birthdates are yet to be known.

She was born around 1993. Now known as Sapir name was Sagi Berman before changing her gender.

Sagi had amazing physical and mental capabilities.

We don’t have much detail about her family. She is yet to reveal much information about her family.

Who is Sapir Berman Partner?

Sapir’s partner is yet to know. She hasn’t said anything on media about her relationship.

Israeli referee has kept a low profile on her dating life. Her Partner is still not known.

Sapir had a past relationship but details are yet to be known.

Sapir Berman Wikipedia

Sapir is one of the best referees in the Israeli Premier League.

Berman has worked as a referee for 10 years.

Finally, after gathering much courage the Israeli referee told about his sexuality.

His brave decision was supported by fans and many players.

Lucy Clark the first-ever transgender soccer referee express her happiness. She is proud of Sapir coming out in public.

Israeli Football Association, FIFA has been proud of Sapir’s decision of coming out in public.

It has been a small step for gay, transgender to achieve higher profiles in the world.