Sanjeev Kohli Siblings: Meet Hardeep Singh Kohli and Randeep Singh Kohli

Sanjeev Kohli Siblings: Meet Hardeep Singh Kohli and Randeep Singh Kohli

London Borough Of Brent, United Kingdom – Sanjeev Kohli, the renowned comedian, writer, and actor, is not only known for his comedic brilliance but also for his close bond with his siblings. Born on November 30, 1971, in London Borough of Brent, England, United Kingdom, Sanjeev Kohli shares a strong fraternal connection with his brothers Hardeep Singh Kohli and Randeep Singh Kohli.

At the age of 51 years and 8 months, Sanjeev Kohli continues to shine in his career, making audiences laugh and delighting them with his performances. However, behind the scenes, he cherishes the support and companionship of his two brothers, who have been an integral part of his life journey.

Born to parents who emigrated from India to the United Kingdom in the 1960s, Sanjeev Kohli spent his childhood in London before the family moved to Scotland when he was three years old. It was in Scotland that the Kohli family nurtured their sons’ education, with the young Sanjeev and his brothers receiving their schooling at St Aloysius’ College, a Roman Catholic school in Central Glasgow, thanks to their parents’ hard work running a corner shop to afford their children’s education.

As a British comedian, writer, and actor, Sanjeev Kohli’s accomplishments have brought him fame, particularly for his role as Navid in the beloved Scottish sitcom “Still Game.” He has also made his mark in the radio sitcom “Fags, Mags, and Bags” as Ramesh Majhu and in the BBC Scotland soap opera “River City” as A.J. Jandhu. Additionally, his performances in BBC Four’s “Bob Servant Independent” and his show “Sanjeev Kohli’s Big Talk” on the BBC Scotland channel have showcased his versatile talent.

As is often the case with celebrities, people are curious about their backgrounds, including their ethnicity, nationality, and ancestry. As per public resources like IMDb and Wikipedia, Sanjeev Kohli’s ethnicity is listed as Asian/Indian, highlighting his cultural heritage and connection to India.

While Sanjeev Kohli’s religion and political views remain undisclosed, his professional success has undoubtedly made him one of the richest comedians from the United Kingdom. As of June 1, 2023, his estimated net worth stands at an impressive $5 million.

In January 2007, Sanjeev Kohli made headlines when he commented on accusations of severe racism on Celebrity Big Brother, sharing a personal incident in which a former boss referred to him as “Mahatma,” alluding to Mahatma Gandhi.

Besides his flourishing career, Sanjeev Kohli has found happiness in his personal life. He is happily married to Fiona Kohli, and together they share the joys of parenthood with their children Bel Kohli and Ruby Kohli.

As for his height, weight, and body measurements, specific details are currently unavailable. However, these aspects do not detract from the laughter and joy Sanjeev Kohli brings to his fans with his comedic genius. Together with his loving siblings, Hardeep Singh Kohli and Randeep Singh Kohli, he continues to entertain and leave a lasting impact on the comedy scene, ensuring that their bond remains strong as they conquer new heights in the entertainment world.