Ryot Wilson – Rebel Wilson’s Brother And Sister, Liberty And Annachi

Ryot Wilson is the only brother of Australian actress and comedian Rebel Wilson.

Rebel is a renowned actress who wrote, produced, and starred in the hit musical series Bogan Pride in 2008. She graduated from the Australian Theatre for Young People in 2002 and began appearing as Toula in the SBS comedy series Pizza.

She is notable for her role in the sketch comedy series The Wedge (2006-2007). After moving to the United States, the actress appeared in the comedy film A Few Best Men and Bridesmaids in 2011.

The following year she played in the comedy film Struck by Lightning, What to Expect When You’re Expecting, and Bachelorette. Following her remarkable performance, Variety named her among their Top Ten Comics to Watch for 2013.

Wilson grew up alongside her two sisters and a brother. Though a considerable amount of information is known about the actress, only a few particulars about her siblings are known. So, who is her only brother, Ryot? Continue reading to learn more about her family.

Meet Rebel Wilson’s Brother Ryot Wilson

Ryot Wilson is the only son and loving brother of the Wilson family. Rebel’s brother is a professional poker player.

He was born and brought up in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Ryot showed his competitive side to the world when he participated in Season one of The Amazing Race Australia with his sister Liberty Wilson.

During a confessional on the show, Ryot revealed that he is a professional poker player. He gave up his promising finance career and plays poker full-time. He and his sister, Liberty, were the first team to be eliminated from the show.

Liberty admires her brother for being competitive and intelligent. During the show, she also shared that Ryot is one of the most arrogant people she has come across. Both admit that they’re a product of their upbringing.

Ryot gave up his finance career to become an expert poker player and shares that the decision didn’t go down well with his family. He played poker for over four years as a hobby and finally decided to take it seriously.

Rebel Wilson’s Loving Sisters Annachi And Liberty Wilson

Annachi Wilson and Liberty Wilson are the loving sisters of Australian actress Rebel Wilson.

Annachi is the baby of the family and was born as Annalise. Like her sister, Rebel, she keeps her social profile public and gives fans a glimpse into her adventurous and dun lifestyle.

She regularly shares sweet snaps of her and her siblings through her social media posts. Annachi and Rebel often spent quality time together whether it is by going to Disney together, working out at the Sydney Opera House, or cheering the Rams’ win at the Super Bowl.

Liberty is the second oldest sibling in the family after Rebel. She was born in 1982 and is two years younger than the actress. She was named after one of her parent’s favorite department stores.

She competed with her brother Ryot Wilson in Season one of The Amazing Race Australia. Liberty shared that she followers her family’s tradition of dog handling and breeding.

More To Know About Rebel Wilson’s Family

Rebel and her three siblings were born in Sydney, New South Wales, to their parents, Sue Bownds and Jack Bownds.

Their parents are expert dog handlers. Sue is a well-known international dog show judge and breeds and shows beagles professionally. She also traded dog products like dog food and collars.

Rebel grew up in the suburbs of Kenthrust and Castle Hill. She joined the independent Tara Anglican School for Girls. According to her grandmother, Lilian Bounds, her great-aunt was married to Walt Disney until his passing in 1966.

She was initially interested in mathematics. Rebel was very academic and was good with numbers at high school. She graduated in 2009 with a Bachelor of Arts from the University of New South Wales.

Wilson planned to become a lawyer but decided to move to the United States to pursue an acting career.