Ryan Upchurch Mom Patty Lynn Started A Family Drama Over Spending Money on Houses

Ryan Upchurch mom Patty Lynn became the subject of a huge family drama in 2023. Patty allegedly bought two houses for $1 million from Ryan’s money.

Earlier in February 2023, Ryan discovered he was missing a lot of money from his bank account. When he asked Patty about it, she blamed the singer for overspending.

Upchurch later found out that his mother had been withdrawing money from his account and making unauthorized purchases. He found out that she had purchased two homes worth $500 thousand each.

What’s worse is that his mother was not the only one to steal money from his account. Ryan’s father had also taken a significant amount and purchased a third house.

Upchurch is an American rapper, formerly called Upchurch The Redneck. He became an overnight sensation after his EP Cheatham County was uploaded to YouTube in 2015. The song also reached the Billboard Top Country chart in the top 30. The familynation team has also covered about another country music artist Breland’s family.

Similarly, his second song Heart of America also became a major hit and established Ryan in the music industry. As of 

Further, he has released several famous songs in his career, including Holler Boys, Rolling Stoned, Dirty South, The Old Days, Real Country, and more. 

Upchurch is currently affiliated with Holler Boy Records and is considered a pioneer in the country rap genre.

Ryan Upchurch Parents Are Patty Lynn And Ronnie Upchurch

Ryan Upchurch mom Patty Lynn is a TikTok personality and an occasional singer.

She is available on TikTok as @pburgess15 with 360 followers. She has mostly shared clips featuring her son on the short video-sharing app. 

Patricia was also featured in Ryan’s 2019 song Fallen. The official audio of the song, uploaded by Redneck’s Daily Channel on YouTube, has nearly half a million views.

Ryan reshared the song on his official YouTube channel in April 2022. The video generated over 1.5 million views; however, after the controversy with his mother, Ryan deleted the video.

Patty, who is currently 53 years old, resides in Ashland, Tennessee with her husband.

As per her Facebook bio, Patty is a graduate of Aquinas College in Nashville, Tennessee. 

On the other hand, Ryan Upchurch dad Ronnie Upchurch mostly remains out of the spotlight. The rapper hadn’t even revealed his father’s name up until 2023.

Ryan Upchurch Family Drama After Unauthorized House Purchase

Ryan Upchurch family drama started early in 2023 after his mom Patricia purchased two homes without his permission.

Ryan shared a series of videos in February exposing his parents for stealing money from him. He first uploaded a clip on Instagram, accusing his mother of buying two houses worth half a million dollars each. 

Evidently, Patty transferred the property to someone so Ryan would not be aware of it. Additionally, the rapper also accused his mother of lying to him and taking his money from his account.

When Upchurch tried to confront his mother about the theft, she instead blamed him for having a spending problem. The incidents started after Ryan made a significant amount of money from multiple sold-out concerts in 2022.

The Tennessee musician then shared another video after realizing that his father had also robbed him by buying a third house for $500 thousand. Ryan found out about his father’s involvement after visiting the house that was purchased in his name. When he talked to the occupants of the house, Upchurch found out that they were allowed to live in the house by his father Ronnie Upchurch.

Ryan also discovered that one of the three properties purchased by his parents was a home he planned to buy with his partner. He looked infuriated and upset by the betrayal from his close family members.

Even after he confronted his parents about the unauthorized purchase, his mother still tried to withdraw money from his account. However, this time he was more careful and denied the transaction before it was completed. 

After the drama, Patricia deleted her Instagram and all the content from her Facebook. She initially released a TikTok bashing Ryan and insulted his fans for supporting him. 

However, she deleted the video after facing severe backlash from netizens.

Ryan Has Five Siblings In His Family

Ryan Upchurch brother Austen Upchurch is an American model and actor. Austen appeared in the video of Ryan’s 2017 song Summer Love. 

Austen is also an aspiring social media influencer with over 10.6k followers on Instagram. He goes by @austen_80 on Instagram but has set his account to private. Likewise, he is also on TikTok as @upchurch80 where he has nearly a thousand followers.

Austen got married to Ashley Elaine Cook on May 6, 2022. The pair recently had a baby on January 8, 2023. However, neither Austen nor Ashley has revealed the name or the gender of their first child.

Ryan’s younger sibling Austen is often mistaken as the Texas-based country musician Austin Upchurch. Other than their common last names and similar-sounding first names, the two have nothing more in common.

Other than Austen, Ryan has a younger sister and three more brothers in the family.

A woman named Rhonda Upchurch, who claims to be Ryan’s aunt, mentioned in a Facebook comment that the singer has a total of four brothers and a sister. 

In 2017, Upchurch mentioned in a tweet that his sister attended middle school at the time. Unofficial sources have stated his sibling’s name to be May-Ann Rosalie Upchurch which the musician is yet to confirm or deny.

Although the Tennessee rapper has not given specifics about his little sister, he shared a photo with her in 2015.

Ryan Is Engaged To Bethani Culp

Ryan Upchurch fiance Bethani Culp announced the news of their engagement via an Instagram post on June 24, 2022.

The couple are excited to become husband and wife soon.

Bethani tagged Ryan’s secondary Instagram account @gooeycanvas and mentioned that she was more than excited to get married to her best friend.

Ryan and Bethani’s relationship came to light in April 2021 when both shared a photo featuring the two through their respective social media handles. However, it later turned out that the couple had each other since at least 2019.

Initially, some of the rapper’s fans criticized the relationship as Bethani looks older than her fiance. However, as their relationship has lasted for nearly two years without any major setbacks, fans have become more accepting of Culp.

Bethani is a social media influencer with over 47k followers on Instagram. She goes by @bethanineshele on the platform. Similarly, according to her Facebook, Culp is originally from Pegram, Tennessee. 

Bethani joined Paul Mitchell the School in 2010. It is a cosmetology and beauty school located in Fort Myers, Florida. 

His Dating History

Rapper Ryan Upchurch has two former partners whom he dated for a significant period.

Ryan’s first widely-known girlfriend was Brianna Van Vleet, a former track and field athlete from Paonia, Colorado.

She attended Paonia High School and later graduated from Idaho State University. As a student-athlete, Brianna participated in multiple competitions and secured the first position in events like the Colorado Invitational in 2019, the Big Sky Indoor Championships in 2020, the Snake River Open in 2020, and more.

Brianna and Ryan dated around 2016 and were subject to engagement rumors when the rapper tweeted about wanting to spend the rest of his life with her. Sadly, the couple broke up without providing any explanation and the reason for their split remained a mystery until 2023. 

Ryan finally opened up about his relationship with Brianna after the drama with his mother. It turns out that his mom Patty was partly responsible for his breakup with Vanvleet. 

Upchurch revealed in a video that his mother would throw away the food prepared by Brianna. Patty did so to make her look bad in front of Ryan. 

Brianna has moved on with her life and is now married to a guy named DJ Hagler. 

Meanwhile, Ryan also started a new relationship with a woman named Taylor Eileen Smith in 2020. Taylor already had a daughter named Raelynn Ann when started dating the rapper. 

The couple got engaged for a brief period before calling it quits in the same year. Upchurch revealed that the two had major ideological differences which caused made it impossible to continue their relationship for an extended time.