Ryan Sutter Illness And Health Update 2022

Ryan Sutter is recovering well from Lyme disease and feels like his body is slowly returning to himself after more than a year of treatment procedures.

In a recent interview with People, Ryan talked about his recovery process and what he does to get back to top fitness gradually. While opening up, he mentioned the treatment, including infrared sauna therapy and bee venom therapy, where he lets the bees sting himself thrice every other day.

The bee stings help kill the bacteria inside his body causing the Lyme disease, as his doctor revealed. Besides the two steps, he is also eating good food, breathing fresh air, and exercising regularly to recover quickly.

In addition to the recuperation sessions, the TV personality said that he feels his life is returning and progressively improving as he works to get back to his full-time job and top fitness as soon as possible.

When Was Ryan Sutter Diagnosed With Lyme Disease?

Ryan Sutter was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2021, but he already showed the early symptoms in March 2020.

The initial symptoms are drained energy and long hours of sleep. Ryan used to sleep for 16 hours a day and was always dull and out of energy. His health started deteriorating further, and the couple started looking for a diagnosis.

Finally, after several checkups with different doctors and consultants, they diagnosed a condition like Lyme disease and began the cure.

Where Is Ryan Sutter Now?

Ryan Sutter is now back to better fitness and is gradually returning to work as a firefighter.

In early 2022, Sutter took to his Instagram account to announce himself getting back to work after a yearlong battle with the illness. Even though he is not fully fit at this date, he is working hard to regain his sharpness and get back to work.