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Robert Alai Biography and Profile

Robert Alai is a Kenyan blogger, internet entrepreneur and cyber-activist. He is known for his political blogging Techmtaa.Com.

Robert Alai Education Background

2015 – Ongoing: Undergraduate student at United States International University, Bachelor of Science , Applied Computer Technology

2001 – 2002: Student at Kenya School of Monetary Studies, Higher Diploma, Management of Information Systems; Management of information Systems

2000 – 2002: Student at Kenya School of Monetary Studies, ICT, System Analysis and Design

2000 – 2001: Student at AVU – Kenyatta University, Diploma in ICT, Computer Software and Hardware

1998: Secondary school student at Lela Secondary School

Robert Alai Career

November 2009 – Present: Blogger, Techmtaa.Com

October 2007 – Present: Moderator / Blogger / ICT Consultant, BidiiAfrika / KaziAfrika

  • Blogging on various issues.
  • Created the first and most active African Listserve called BidiiAfrika
  • Moderating over 30,000 members
  • Help in Moderating
  • Organising Social events like outings for the members
  • Promoting citizen involvement in governance and various issues
  • Representing Kenyan viewers in blogging on BigBrother Africa 3
  • Selling used and new electronics online

September 2004 – November 2007: R & I Assistant, United Nations Organization Stabilisation Mission in DRC (MONUSCO)

September 2004 – September 2007: Logistics Assistant, MONUC

  • Certifies Receiving and Inspection reports for all items of supplies and equipment purchased by the United Nations for MONUC, as well as all items transferred from the United Nations missions to MONUC;
  • Submits R&I Reports to Procurement, Self Accounting Unit (SAU), Property Control and Inventory Unit (PCIU) as well as to Headquarters;
  • Ensures that items received are in accordance with the specifications, terms and conditions specified in the relevant Purchase Order (PO) or Letter of Assists (LOA);
  • Responsible for R&I function of major mission-wide contracts; rations, ground and aviation fuel.
  • Actively participates in the receiving and inspection procedure throughout the entire mission area for the delivery of rations and other assets as required;
  • Closely liaise with the Procurement Section for processing of payment on a timely basis. Ensures close coordination with the procurement section, SAU and PCIU in resolving problems;
  • Responsible for overseeing the data entry of all “non-expendable assets” into Galileo, as well as monitoring and ensuring the accuracy and comprehensiveness of all items reflected in Galileo, as being received and entered into the mission assets database;
  • Oversees the bar-coding and other receiving and inspection procedures performed by R&I staff; Provides guidance to SAU on receiving and inspection issues, guidelines and procedures.
  • Works closely with Procurement, PCIU, MOVCON, all Self-Accounting Units (SAU) to ensure an efficient and effective acquisition cycle. Performs any other task requested by the Chief R&I

March 2004 – September 2004: Systems Administrator, ML ComputerNet

  • On-site and on phone user support (troubleshooting), including first line of support for JDE and all other applications e.g. CSC, Castor, Slick, telephony radio and VSAT Technology.
  • Network infrastructure management and security systems administration in TCP/IP and ISP remote connectivity.
  • Software and hardware Installation.
  • User account management and Directory updates administration
  • Backup and Recovery of Servers and AS/400
  • Periodic preventive maintenance in all work sites.
  • Anti-Virus Update and Security.
  • PC Hardware maintenance.
  • IT Security and HSE, including enforcing Information Security Procedures, policies and best practice by the users.
  • User training
  • Equipment records maintenance and equipment control.
  • Enhanced Communication Links management and diagnosis.

November 2003 – March 2004: ICT Administrator, Kamnett Ltd

March 2003 – October 2003: Computer Hardware and software support Technician/ Cyber assistant, Belcom CT Kenya Ltd

  • Assisting clients to access their internet accounts
  • PC Troubleshooting and repair
  • New workstation Installation
  • Reconciling the daily revenue and expenditure in the cyber
  • Initiating new ideas for improved sales
  • PC accessories installation
  • Liaising with the ISP to sort out connection problem

November 2002 – March 2003: Software And Hardware Assistant, Telkom Kenya.

  • Installing computer workstations in new locations
  • Data entry using the UNIX systems
  • Network Administration in collaboration with the system administrator
  • Configuration of the CISCO 1600 series routers
  • Troubleshooting and repairing of the computer systems
  • Troubleshooting the Hp printers and scanners and repairs of the same
  • Troubleshooting the network links
  • Installing the various peripherals in the computer e.g. network adaptors, modems, processors, and power units
  • Troubleshooting of the various software problems in the systems
  • Installing The Application Programs And Operating Systems E.G. Windows 2000, Windows 98, Ms ProjectJanuary 2001- January 2002: Systems Administrator, Software Applications Limited.
  • Support Applications in Windows NT, XP, WinMe, NT 2000.
  • Network infrastructure management and security systems administration in TCP/IP and ISP remote connectivity, and VSAT Technology.
  • Software and hardware Installation and Office Network Management.
  • User account management and Directory updates administration.
  • Backup and Recovery of Fidelio and Micros Servers.
  • Periodic preventive maintenance in all work sites.Anti-Virus Update and Security and PC Hardware

Robert Alai Internet Entreprenuer

Robert Alai registered an online company, Kazi Africa Limited after Bidii Africa was unceremoniously shut down. Kazi Africa Limited was a
human resource company that linked job seekers with employers. He later sold the company.

He started another online company, My African Career, which was
a career site. He would wake up at 3am to buy newspapers and
rummage for job advertisements, which he would update on the
site. The site had a lot of traffic and it wasn’t long before
advertisers came calling. Again, an investor approached him and
he sold it.

He started Techmtaa, a blog where he review new technology. He
also offers IT consultancy as well as social media marketing.

Robert Alai Onyango Blog and Social Media

In the wake of the Westgate shopping mall attack in Nairobi where over 65 people were killed, Robert Alai was praised, both by local and international media for his timely and creative use of social media, mainly Twitter, to provide updates of what was happening at the mall. In a world of virtual media shut down by a government keen to spin the narrative to its own public image purposes, Alai virtually became the go-to person for the alternative, more accurate view. He was constant in his tweeting, all day and night long, reporting each and every significant happening. His accounts were considered as being more accurate than – and sometimes contradicting – the updates provided by the authorities.

The mainstream media, and public discourse was largely formed and directed around his reports and views, including the emergence of the alleged disagreement among the security agencies that had resulted in the deaths of several security operatives, as well as the widely condemned looting of the besieged mall. Only much later did the Government acknowledge the stories he had broken to the Kenyan public.

Robert Alai social media footprint is huge, by average African standards. He estimates that he makes 50 million weekly social media impressions, making him perhaps Africa’s most visible private citizen on the internet.

Robert Alai Onyango Family, Wife and Children

Robert Alai Onyango is married and is a father to a baby girl.

Robert Alai Onyango Contacts – Facebook and Twitter


Robert Alai News

Robert Alai arrested for ‘publishing sensitive story

Updated: 19.08.2017

Blogger Robert Alai was arrested on Friday morning and detained overnight at Kamukunji police station.

Mr Alai was arrested at 9am as he was leaving for the burial of slain IEBC ICT manager Chris Msando in Siaya county.

Mr Alai is the chairman of Nyayo Estate Residents Association, where Mr Msando lived with his family, and was supposed to deliver a speech at the funeral in Lifunga village.

He was arrested days after leaking photos of members of the Kenyatta family in a Nairobi hospital.

The photos showed President Uhuru Kenyatta’s mother, Mama Ngina Kenyatta, and uncle, George Muhoho, in a sombre mood at the hospital late at night.

The photos were however unexplainably pulled down from Mr Alai’s Facebook page just hours after he had posted them.

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