Riky Rick and Wife Bianca Naidoo Age Difference & Shared Net Worth – Here Is More On The Family

Bianca Naidoo is the wife of Famous South African rapper Riki Rick. She is an independent lady and a gorgeous-looking woman.

Bianca Naidoo is in deep grief currently as her husband passes away due to suicide. Riky Rick was a rapper, songwriter, singer, composer, actor, entrepreneur, and fashion designer.

Rick was the sole proprietor of the Cotton Club Records. He was part of the band, boys and bucks as well.

Riky’s debut studio album, Family Values (2015), was certified platinum by the South African Recording Industry (RiSA). In 2014, he became famous after releasing the tune “Nafukwa.”

Rick was born in the KwaMashu community near Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, on July 20, 1987, and grew up there. At the age of 34, he passed away.

Rick’s musical adventure began during a recording studio session with Bongani Fassie, who motivated Rick to write his music. Rick followed up with his debut song, “Barbershop,” which featured Da L.E.S.

Bianca Naidoo And Riky Rick: Age Difference

Bianca Naidoo has not let out her birth date on the internet, so we are unsure about her age, but she is undoubtedly younger than the rapper. The couple does not share a big age gap.

The couple shared many reels and photos. One of their videos went viral on valentine’s day and had collected many criticisms from around the world.

In the video, his wife seems uninterested in him, and it was shared multiple times on Twitter, claiming that she didn’t like to do so.

Riky met Bianca Naidoo in early 2010 in Sandton and later gave birth to Jordan Makhado. The couple married in 2013, and their son, Maik Daniel Makhado, was born in 2014. (born. 2014).

Due to the success of Riky’s hit single “Nafukwa” in 2014, his popularity skyrocketed. On July 2, 2021, he and Frank Casino released the single “Forever.”

What Is Bianca Naidoo: Networth 2022

Bianca Naidoo is the beloved wife of the late rapper Riky Rick and has a decent income.

Bianca is not available on any social media platforms and performed reels with her husband, where she looked uninterested. She has not mentioned her job on the internet.

The spouse of the rapper has not revealed her personal information on the internet, so we are unable to elaborate further about her. Her husband was a well-perceived rapper with a sizeable fanbase.

He produced tracks, including “Amantombazane,” which was followed by “Amantombazane (Remix)” with OkMalumkoolKat, Maggz, Kwesta, Ginger Bread Man, Kid X, Nadia Nakai, and DJ Dimplez.

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Meet Bianca Naidoo on Instagram

Bianca Naidoo does not own a public Instagram account; we couldn’t reach her on the platform. She might be sharing her daily life privately.

She has not been tagged: in any photos and videos posted by her husband; we couldn’t track her Instagram account. She looks uninterested in exposing herself to the virtual world.

Her husband was a rapper and available as rikyrickworld and had amassed 2 million fans with his entertaining 1171 posts. He had made several posts about his wife and children.

The world is currently grieving his death; Bianca is the most affected. We wish her strength to overcome this unrepairable loss.