Red River Road Ending Explained and Movie Review

Red River Road ending explains that Anna was dreaming the whole time but the family is still under lockdown. The conclusion of the film is bitter-sweet.

The movie is based on a pandemic time, not on the physical, microscopic virus. But this pandemic is an internet virus that has the ability to rob people of their ability to identify whether they are living in reality or virtual life.

Red River Road was made by Paul Schuyler and his wife and children at home during the time of pandemic when they were home. The movie director, writer, producer, cinematographer and editor is Paul Schyler himself.

The family shown in the movie is also played by all of Paul’s family members.

Paul plays the role of Stephen, Paul’s wife Jade plays the role of Anna and his sons Quinn and Shaw plays the role of Wyatt and Sean. The only outsider who plays the role of The Man in the movie is Art Devine.

The movie was produced by Wytshark Media and was released on September 1, 2020. The movie has a runtime of 1 hour and 29 minutes.

Red River Road Ending Explained

Red River Road ending reveals that the family is still living in a lockdown but Anna wakes from her terrible dream after ripping off the chip on her neck.

In the dystopian world, the family is living under lockdown following an internet virus. The family is provided with weekly rations of food and DVDs.

As Anna brings the ration inside, she finds food and DVDs in them. At that time, the phone rings, but she doesn’t pick up the phone and she stares at the phone fiercely.

She lets the phone continue to ring. Immediately, she goes to the garage, where she brings out the iPad that is kept secret.

She thinks for a while then she picks up the pad and calls her husband thinking if the call will connect or not.

Seeing her husband’s face on the other side, she is shocked. Stephen immediately asks her if she is in the hospital. She tells him she is at their summer house.

But Stephen is shocked and tells her that they are in the summer house and thinks that this is a prank of their kids. But while talking, the battery drops down and she starts taking short breaths the sound of the device banging is heard and the light goes away.

At once, she goes to the kitchen and takes out a torch light. The phone rings in the darkness, but she doesn’t pick up the call. She goes down to the basement to check at power meter but suddenly she hears a person breathing.

She follows the sound and the DVD room. She finds her son Wyatt and when she goes near him, she hears him growling like an animal.

But he disappears through a wall. Seeing something like that, she runs away to the upper floor but she finds her son-like creature behind her.

She then hears her son growling behind her, and now scared, she runs to the first floor. While climbing, she falls on the ladder.

When she picks herself up and looks down, she sees her husband and sons. She enters her room and pulls the drawer in front of the door.

She goes inside the wardrobe and closes the room, and breaks the handle. Inside the room, she begins to load the bullets into the magazine while the door is being shaken.

Anna shoots the gun and says she remembered, but the bullets pass through the entities. Seeing the bullet is futile against the creatures, she rests the gun beside her ready to lose her life, and shoots herself.

Later, she wakes up to the sound of a bird on her bed and feels quite harsh on her neck. She hears the sound of a car and goes down to the kitchen.

Looking through the window, she is shocked to see her sons and husband along with their dog Brody coming out of the vehicle.

Stephen asks her how she is feeling. Seeing her unable to speak, he tells her that the doctor has told him it would take some time for her to speak.

She goes in front of him and puts her hand on his chest. She feels his heartbeat. Then looking at him, she smiles.

Red River Road Movie Review

Red River Road reviews among the viewers are quite good. Due to how good the movie was, the movie has already won 3 awards and many nominations.

The movie’s rating on the IMDb is 6.5 out of 10, 86% on Rotten Tomatoes and 3.8 out of 5 from Movies Mania. In IMDb’s rating, we can see that many viewers have given the movie high ratings of 8’s, 9’s and 10’s.

One of the viewers on IMDb has commented that Red River Road is well-directed and is a little gem of a film. The producer and director Paul have done a great job. The family has done a great job and keep up their good work.

Another comment has said that the movie is amazing, intriguing, relevant and unnerving. The movie has shown genuine and realistic as much as it can and is a unique movie itself.

One of the comments on YouTube mentions that the movie was good. Another comment said that the movie is vividly realized, artfully constructed and a thoroughly professional piece.

Rotten Tomatoes review states that Schuyler’s movie Red River Road takes the story in a whole different layer of paranoia and menace.

Meet The Cast Of Red River Road

Red River Road cast members are Jade Schuyler, Paul Schuyler, Shaw Schuyler and Quinn Schuyler. The casts are from the same family.

Jade Schuyler As Anna

Jade Schuyler plays the role of Anna in Red River Road. Her character is going through an emotional rollercoaster in the movie where she can’t differentiate what is truth and what is not.

The actress has acted in movies such as The Lightkeepers, Golden Boys, They are Mine and Cowboy Drifter. Her play also includes Rabbit Hole, Paul and the Starcatcher, Golden Pond, No Bull, Banana, the Tuna Goddess and Wolf Hollow.

Jade comes from Australia and now has dual citizenship in Australia and the US. She graduated from Wheaton College with a degree in Theater and Dramatic Literature. She is currently married to

Paul Schuyler As Stephen

Paul Schuyler plays the role of Stephen who is the husband of Anna. Anna believes Stephen is taken away only to come back at the end of the movie.

His movie credits include Bomb, Red River Road and Runner. On stage, Paul has worked on Lone Star, Driving Miss Daisy, Flowers in the Desert and The Tuna Goddess.

Outside of scriptwriting and directing movies, he has also worked as VP of marketing for a software company. Other than that, he is a musician, a chef, a triathlete and a restaurant owner along with his wife. The director completed his studies of directing at The School of Visual Arts.

Shaw Schuyler As Sean

Shaw plays the role of Sean the eldest son of Anna and Stephen in the movie. Sean is seen to be calm about the whole pandemic thing in the movie.

His prominent movies include Red River Road, The Jethroverse and They Are Mine!.

Shaw has graduated high school from Monomoy High School in Harwich, Massachusetts. He is also a member of MHS Boys Varsity Football.

Quinn Schuyler As Wyatt

Quinn Schuyler plays the role of Wyatt. Near the end of the movie, Wyatt is turned into a monster from the perspective of Anna.

He has also acted in movies such as Red River Road, The Jethroverse, They are Mine! and The Jethroverse: Hollow Victory.

Quinn had also completed his high school graduation from Monomoy High School. Currently, he studying at Montserrat College of Art doing his bachelor’s in arts.