Randy Adams accident face

Randy Adams born StarsUnfold Randy Adams is an army officer who served in the Iraq war and faced a couple of explosive events during the Iraq war. Randy Adams is a Soldier with the 1st Battalion and in the 3rd Special Forces Group.

Randy Adams got into the public eye for his brave act amidst a horrific event. Randy Adams is recognized as the SF Soldier who was honored For Saving Lives in a car crash. He carried these victims up the steep embankment and provided the needed first aid until the rescue team arrived at the place of the accident. This incident happened in 2016 when Randy Adams risked his life to save trapped individuals in a burning vehicle at Asheboro, North Carolina.

In an appreciative event organized by the 1st Special Forces Command’s deputy head, BG Richard Angle, Randy Adams was lauded for all his acts. The accompanying soldiers were also advised to follow Randy’s records for humanity.

The Fort Rucker flight medic was captured in the emergency department, with disorientation, following the car accident. The accident had a greater effect on his mental health. Hence, he visits the neurologist and the behavioral health center for treatment. His diagnosis is not clear, however, its related to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

There have been no report about Randy Adam hurting his face amidst the accident. However, photos of him at the hospital, show how fatal his condition was. In the images we sighted on the internet, Randy was seen in a critical condition with his face wrapped in gauze. As at now, there have been some deformities due to the sequalae of the accident. However, he has recover from injury and is still receiving treatment.

Randy Adam met this tragedy with his wife, Joy and twin boys, Jeff and Jarod, after they departed from a park in Ozark, Alabama.